Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Love Dare Day 21

Today I was to get into God's word.. to immerse myself in the love and promises God has for me. I was to read Proverbs (my fortune cookie wisdom) or one of the Gospels and pray. It's amazes me how centered I get when I put myself in God's hands. I have heard the phrase to die to self many times and I just didn't get it...I'm getting it now. It basically means to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. To walk towards giving unconditional love to others and getting off the "it's all about me planet" Giving Dusty unconditional love is walking in the Spirit....I can't walk in the Spirit without getting into God love letter to me...
I decided today to read Proverbs Chapter One. The Beginning of Knowledge and The Call of Wisdom. The gist of the chapter is a person develops discipline in life by applying words of insight. It also points out to stay away from evil. In wisdom I can stay away from evil and understand God's word. Whoever listens to God will dwell safely.
Today marked three weeks. Three wholes weeks of no fight.. no tearing each other negativity on my part..Dusty is right behind me. I'm looking forward to what is to come...Tomorrow I am to let Dusty I Love Him...period whether he loves me or not. Love is a choice not a feeling...until then


  1. What a beautiful post Kelly...thanks!
    This idea of "dying to self" has been foremost in my soul and journey this year...I wrote something over at my DAILY BLESSINGS site... ( the page called "Thoughts to Ponder", entitled "JOY...Jesus, Others, You...putting Ourselves LAST brings the most JOY"
    I think it would be of interest to you...stop by and read it!

  2. Hi Kelly...sorry for leaving this comment here...your Amazing Salvation site won't allow me to comment on it?
    Anyway, I wanted to share that beautiful poem in your side I'm putting it on that ok?



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