Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Wish Today I Was June Cleaver

Today was one of those crazy stressful days... Let's see...Got the kids up at 6:30 AM made breakfast - made lunches - fed the dog - yelled at the kids a couple of times to get the lead out - drove them to school - arrived just before the bell at 8:00 AM - came home answered a couple business calls - took a shower - jumped in car and took mom to doctor's appointment (2 hours) got back to home office - Seventeen voice mails and twenty - three Urgent emails.... my idea of urgent and my clients' idea of urgent don't always agree... Took care of all Urgent requests - 2:55 PM jumped in car to pick up girls - arrived back at home office 3:30 PM asked youngest one to do her chores - empty and load the dishwasher...went back into my office - 3:45 - caught said kid lying on couch watching TV - kitchen still a mess - Do your chores - closed door went back to work - husband calls his plane will be early can I pick him up at 5:30 - okay... Have four important things I need to get done by 5:15... hear ball bouncing - see chore ignorer running for the kitchen... DO YOUR CHORES...... Go back into my office - copying, faxing, emailing, typing, and stressing.. go back out kid finally putting dishes away.... Don't forget the trash... go back into my office only a few things left and rings "My plane has landed, come get me" Now I'm really going fast...copier print faster....come on come on.. okay done - put my files in Transbox to ship out tonight... go out into the living room and my kid is laying on the couch again... trash still in the can...TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!. Big kid stays home and little kid comes with me to pick up Daddy... Explain to little kid how disappointed I am that I had to tell her several times to finish her chores... Kid tunes me out by singing a song from a commercial thinking she's cute.....okay counting 1 2 3 4 5 ... Get to airport arrive at 5:35 PM pick up home... "What's for dinner?" Oh geez 1 2 3 4 pork chops, applesauce, potatoes, and garlic bread... sounds good.. Start cooking... Mom can you help me with my book report... Mom I need you to type up my math project.. I lost the other one.... Honey, could you please remember to bring in the mail..... 1 2 3 4 5
I finish dinner - I have the husband and big kid clean the dinner mess.. I go into my office to try to finish things up... M O M M O M.... Honey Honey "Can you....."
1 2 3 4 Days like this makes me wish I was June Cleaver...


  1. Days like that would make me wish I was single with no kids!! hahaha Whew What a day!!!

  2. I am happy to be able to say that...I am a Empty Nester! Just getting the kids up and ready for School can be stressful! I do not miss them days!
    But, here's a big ((Hug))for you, and for every Mother/Father that are still going through it.

    Deep Breaths..count to ten..and a little Prayer always helps!

  3. Oh - I know what you mean...running from one thing to the next has become a way of life. And I haven't even entered the "homework years" yet!



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