Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Love Dare Day 33

I can hardly believe that there is only seven more days left of my love dare. I can say it has honestly changed my life. I also know that the tools and love I have learned will not stop on the 41st day. This is a continuing and all enduring love relationship. By the way, Love Dare Day 32 had to be postponed... My poor husband came down with a fierce case of gout. Last night he was debating whether to cut off his big toe... If you want to see a tough grown man weep tears of pain then watch a man inflicted with this horrible painful inflection... His big toe is red and looks to be twice the size than normal.. Today, he said his pain level is about a five..we'll see. Last night off the scale..

Today's love dare is to recognize that Dusty is an integral to my future success and to let him know today that I desire to include him in my upcoming decisions... Again, I am already practicing this... I find it so awesome that when you learn to unconditionally love your spouse things like this love dare just happen...

For the first time in years, we are making plans together... talking and planning the future...wanting to be together...This is all new territory... for us and even though it is starting to come up naturally it still surprises me that it is happening.. All things are possible.. the song just keeps playing in my head and We Have An Awesome God....

Tomorrow's Love Dare find a specific and recent example when Dusty demonstrate Christian character in a noticeable way..until then....


  1. My Dad suffers from terrible gout! The best remidy he's found is all about what goes into his mouth... limit the purines... No red meat, alcohol, sea food (any kind fish and shell fish but especially shell fish), green vegetables (no broccoli, spinach, etc), and here's the kicker... citrus fruits are horrible too! No OJ, no lemon pie... nadda...

    Good luck with all of it! I know the pain he's experiencing... maybe the love dare will help him through this too!

  2. Thank you, Mandy! We could not figure it out. He has been eatting oranges like crazy!

  3. Kelly - I can't believe you stopped by and commented at my photo blog because I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks! I have this blog in my google reader. I've been so enjoying your 40 day challenge. I did the 40 day challenge too and we really enjoyed the movie.
    PS - the fabric you mentioned on my post is very close to what I bought for my curtains!

  4. Mari, make sure to post a picture when you are done..would love to see it! Thank you and God Bless!

  5. He can check into a treatment Allopurinol (something like that) it works for most people, my Dad just happened to be allergic. You'll need a script but if it keeps the gout away, it's worth it.

    Usually it's your kidney's inability to rid the body of uric acid that causes the issues. The uric acid crystallizes in joints and causes gout and/or kidney stones. It's gawd awful stuff! I'm still praying for a quick recovery although I know it can stick around for a long time.



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