Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Not My Style....

I just have to tell you, I am so tired of the "Well EVERYONE does it or has it"... or "My teacher said I have to have it".... I am tired of being told I'm wrong by a twelve year old.... being told that I don't have a clue... and when I don't bow down to my child's infinite wisdom... I get the arms straight down on each side - butt in the air, and a "Fine" as she marches to her room.... If I talked to my parents the way my kid talks to me.. I would not be sitting here writing this post...
The end of the school year projects are coming to close and my kid is majorly stressed out and has no where she can release her aggravation except by sassing us... This coming Wednesday, she has to give a ten slide power point presentation in her computer class.. supposedly the teacher told the kids to dress professionally. I'm thinking the teacher said the kids could do that if they wanted too... (uniforms are required at the school and free dress would not be allowed - except for the presentation).
I have learned that what my child says is a must at school is often times only a want.... so today when she said that I had to go out and buy her a business suit for her fictional business presentation at school - I told her to find something in her own closet... now the drama starts.... I don't have anything... Four outfits automatically come to my mind.. In a huff she brings down ALL of her dresses and right away my husband and I saw two perfect outfits... Nikki then proceeds to whine about how the dresses are not professional... really made me laugh due to the fact that my husband is a very professional businessman...we tried to reason with this twelve year old... letting her know that the dress was very professional and very nice... "Well it is too small" she says... "Show me." I say.... she comes down stairs and looks cute and I might add... very professional for a twelve year old...and it fit perfectly... Then I get "It's not my style".... Lord save me from soon to be teenagers....please.
So I styled her hair and taadaah now that's professional... What do you think?? Ignore the scowls if you please.....after all she is a teen...


  1. I think it looks very professional! Love her looks!

  2. You did a great job, Mama! Very professional. Her look is hilarious (lol). I go through clothing drama with my son, 13, and I'm convinced THEY CAN'T HELP IT. It's part of the transition they're going through. God, help US (smile).

  3. I certainly didn't think she was twelve!! Good choice, to have her pick from what you have. It is a very tough time to be growing up, I do think, because kids are bombarded with advertising (whether they are aware of it or not) and pressures to want/have/need so many different things.



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