Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Loss Of A Hard Drive

This morning, I woke up... Made lunches for the kids... made breakfast and went into my office and turned my computer on and left the room.. I took the kids to school.... came home... walked into my office.. and came face to monitor with a blue screen..... nothing more. I immediately called HP for help.. was connected to someone in India.. I have a very hard time understanding people with accents and my frustration level started to increase..
The customer service rep tried to walk me through the steps. Turn the computer off and then on and tap f10 tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap ..and nothing... he then proceeds to tell me to unplug everything.. find a screw driver and open the unit.... are you kidding me? So I open the computer.. and then he wants me to start pulling green thingys out of the computer ( I later found out they were memory cards..) All the components in the computer were so close together that I found it impossible to do.... It reminded me of a doctor trying to direct a person to perform brain surgery over the phone.. no way can do....
I jumped in the car and headed for Fry's ... thank goodness for three year extended warranties.. After a few minutes/hours of looking at my computer - my lifeline.. my every client I ever had is in there.... every file.. every picture - the tech looks at me and says he's sorry.... it's dead... My hard drive.. is gone... at that moment I felt like a dead woman walking..... I'm numb... I have no idea how I made it home.... I was in a state of shock.. disbelief...horror...
Went I got back home, I proceeded to hook up my "old" computer until my "dead" computer is brought back to life minus all my stuff..... Thankfully my "old" computer is a good one and has enough memory to hold all my programs.. I proceeded to see what I could retrieve off of my old Internet files... very little. I then looked in my client files and a funny thing occurred to me.. I had printed up almost everything involved in my business.... yes there are a few things that I have to retype into the computer but I can handle that... and my pictures that I thought I had lost forever.... I had stored in an online storage and they are safe....
Sitting here writing this I realize how lucky I really am... my clients were understanding today.. Yesterday I had caught up on everything that was majorly important.. My children are playing and laughing in the pool - they are here with me and are in good health and spirits.. So today was a bump in the road...not even a bump really.... and to top things off - Dusty (my husband) was on a business trip and heard my distress earlier today and was able to finish things a day earlier and come home....
I am a very lucky woman...with a dead hard drive....


  1. I'm sorry you are dealing with this. It reminds me to back up my pictures! I'm impressed with your attitude though!

  2. I'm sorry it's dead. Computer issues are the most frustrating things to deal with in the world!

  3. Shit! that honks...however, I dont' have much sympathy as I LIVE in that phone call...

    But yet I kinda do. I would DIE if my puter died.

  4. The same exact thing happened to me 3 years ago. I made that same phone call, spoke with the same service rep who I couldn't understand, opened my computer and started poking around. Long story hard drive had crashed and I hadn't backed up my pictures or songs. Longer story shorter......I was able to get a computer company to recover them for me. ( WHEW )



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