Friday, May 1, 2009

The Love Dare Update

Well it's been two weeks since I have completed The Love Dare
and I have learned a few things.... One I am madly in love with my husband.. even when he ticks me off. We were having dinner last night and were trying to figure out the last time we exchanged angry words... it's been months... well... 57 days to be exact.... Now when we disagree.. I wait until I can say the words I want to say in a way that is both constructive and not critical... I do have to say... I am mastering this skill...
Dusty has changed in the fact that he isn't expecting the volcanic emotions that I tended to display whenever we disagreed... now he listens.. or he tries too. Sometimes, I have to remind him it's my turn to talk....but he's okay with that... I think that after 20 years of trying to get a word in between my rants has become a habit to talk over me at times.. he is working on that and it's getting better.
Marriages are work.... and if someone tells you different... they aren't married....or they are still in the newlywed stage.... my opinion of course... I have a couple of friends that have decided to try The Love Dare and I am truly rooting for them because I know it can work.
Three years ago, I filed for divorce paid an attorney way too much money to make by marriage go away... I truly hated being married... but then a funny thing happened. Every where I turned I was getting a message that I needed to keep my family together.... I kept hearing that divorce is bad for the kids... Heard in many sermons those couple of months...Pastor was it on purpose? Saw it in a couple of movies.... and read about in one of my "Chic books"... So I decided to save my marriage...for the kids not because I loved Dusty..
So three years later... a movie comes out called Fireproof... and God just laid it on my heart that I had to see this movie..... When I watched it.. I saw me and Dusty in both characters... I saw the destruction - conditional love or no love can do.... and I wept.... I then decided I needed to make a change.... I can control what I do...and how I respond to things.... I chose to do The Love Dare and I chose to Love my Husband... and I thank God everyday that I did....


  1. What a testimony to what God has done in your life! Your post earlier this week about the note Dusty wrote, spoke volumes about how far you have both come. God is great!

  2. wow, you were so open and honest in this post and I thank you for that. I too have been blessed with the movie and the book. It is amazing and I honestly think it is one of my favorite movies because it spoke to me so much. Thank you so much for sharing this



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