Monday, June 1, 2009

The Roller Coaster Ride With A Teenager

This weekend - I truly felt I was on a roller coaster.... The highs and lows of Nikki, my soon to be thirteen year old in six days..... It truly amazes me how fast she can go from happy and sunny to moody with a black cloud hanging above her head... And everything is an emergency... She'll barge in my office during a client call because the following week she has to wear a green shirt... it does not need to be an immediate need.. just when she thinks about it.. and If I don't act on it right away - the world will end..
She has decided that her room is the one room in the house she wants to occupy.. I may see her lurking in the kitchen for a snack and I do see her at mealtimes.. but that's about it.. Dusty (the husband) tries to have "family" night and the amount of moaning and complaining just about ruins any attempt at enjoyment... She is quick to shoot down her sister's accomplishments but then will turn around and make her sister's lunch and write "I love You" on the lunch bag....
I am in constant prayer to ride this emotional turmoil without anyone "getting hurt".... I pray for the words to say to her... I pray for knowledge... I pray for thick skin so that I won't take this grief personally... I do know she loves.... she loves big...huge...
I have been told by many that the teenage years are the most difficult..... So I am leaving in a few minutes to pick up my bundle of joy..... and I am wondering if she'll be up...... or if she'll be down..... I am thinking this is only the beginning of a crazy ride....


  1. I do remember those days. My oldest daughter was a lot like that. She could make me so proud - speaking up against things that were wrong or standing up for the underdog kid, but a few hours later she could make me pull my hair out!
    She is now 26, married and just a sweetheart. So - hang in there. It gets better!

  2. Thank you, Mari. I know what you mean about one minute so proud you could burst and the next minute you want to bang you head against the wall. It is good to know that this time will pass - I'm just hoping sooner rather than later..


  3. You're doing the right thing - praying - ALOT (smile). The thing that helps me most with my thirteen year old is knowing this is a process he MUST go through and most of the time he doesn't understand what's going on in his changing body and mind. They don't do these things just because they enjoy being a pain the butt - do they? LOL



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