Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Adultery Due To The Recession?

I recently read an article that said that divorces were down but Adultery was at an all time high.. Why you may ask... Because of the recession..... people cannot afford to divorce in today's economy so they cheat... Oh geez..... This really ticks me off.

Everywhere you go - TV movies, magazines, and talk shows glorify cheating on your spouse.... We're not in love anymore.... He/She doesn't understand me..... They don't listen to me... Sex has gotten boring.. and on and on the stories and the whining go..... Jon and Kate are a prime example of cheating and giving up... They have to be the most narcissistic parents on planet Earth... Eight beautiful children - so they cheat on each other.... they break up..... and their TV show is going to show this to the viewing audience... and make excuses for it.... How sad.. really.... shame on them... shame on TLC....

In the wedding vows - it does NOT say - cheat or divorce when things get boring or hard.. It says forsaking ALL others in the good and the bad....

Granted I am against divorce now - (I didn't use to be but I am now - thanks to the Love Dare and my relationship with Christ..) But I am off the charts against cheating. So much so that I will stand on my soapbox and go on and on about the grossness of it... The putting your spouse's life in jeopardy part of it.. Forget the fact that the person is breaking an important trust.... Think about all the diseases out there that the spouse could and probably will bring home.. Can you tell I am getting heated up just writing this.....?

Per the article written by Bruce Watson - While accepted wisdom hold that adversity can bring people closer together, the recent recession has shown that, in reality, the opposite may well be the case. With finances getting stretched thin and economic pressures driving wedges between many couples, adultery seems to be emerging as a coping strategy for many unhappy marrieds..

What really gets my goat is that many companies have launched websites that facilitate partner to partner cheating.. Yes, you read that right.... Biderman's company, Ashley
click on the link and check it out for yourself -to marvel at what some companies will do to make a buck... This site is growing in popularity and it is so sad....

In Him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace. Ephesians 1:7 In Him we have the model of what rejected love does... It stays faithful!


  1. I agree with you completely!
    There is never an excuse for cheating. I do understand that some marriages fail and that people need to go their seperate ways. But there is NEVER an excuse for betraying the partner while you are still married. I do think we all have in us the capasity to RESIST temptation, but we are living in a world that says: Go for it!

    You see, now you got me worked up too...

    Well, nice to meet you. Please visiti me at SWeeter Living (YOu have visited my other blog Sweeter Homes...)

  2. Oh my word! I clicked on that site and am astounded and appalled! I can't believe there is a site like that
    I completely agree with what you said today.

  3. We live in a time of quick fixes and instant gratification. But I believe that when people make the commitment to marriage, and especially when they bring children into that marriage, then they have got to try harder to make that marriage work. But marriages are made up of imperfect people.

    Also, I've seen commercials on TV for Ashley Madison and it disgusts me.

  4. You're so right that any kind of sex sells in our society. Adultery is despicable for the health issues, as you mention, as well as for breaking the vows to each other.
    Such a shame people don't try harder to hold relationships together. Great post.

  5. I often wonder just how true these statistics are. The statistics that infidelity rates are at 50 percent seem awfully high. None of the various statistics add up. You see divorce statistics, reasons for divorce, then rates of infidelity and they don't match. But maybe I'm just living in denial because I'd rather never marry again than know I was going to be cheated on.

  6. This doesn't surprise me. If there is no will to be strong together in difficult times, one always looks for an escape.

  7. @Joan ... there are commercials??? Oh gee...

    It just goes to show folks, time are a changin'. And in many ways (maybe not all), not for the better. Now more than ever we must hold on to Jesus and teach our kiddos to do the same!



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