Friday, August 7, 2009

Octomom Reality Show.. Say It Isn't So....

While reading my Star magazine - I ran across a blurb that says that Nadya Suleman aka Octomom has closed a deal with the producers of The Biggest Loser to follow her life as a mother of 14 kids.... Each kid will earn $250 per day of shooting... Filming begins Sept 1....

I hope hope hope this is a tabloid fabrication... please please let it be false.... If this is true, reality TV has sunk to a level lower than pond scum.... I cannot stand rewarding losers for narcissistic behavior - yep that means Jon and Kate too... Take this Trash off TV.... please... Raising children with values today is difficult enough and to see this garbage is just too much....

Nadya Suleman was unemployed and on public assistance when she conceived the octuplets and her other six older children... Shame on that doctor for giving this woman in-vitro fertilization.. What were they thinking???? When the media got wind of the birth of eight babies - the public was in awe.. who was this mother? No one expected her to be a single mother with 6 other kids on public assistance.... the public outrage could be heard across the state of California... Especially a bankrupt state paying for 14 babies conceived with taxpayers monies and provided for with taxpayers monies.. Personally that part does not bug me as much as the welfare of those poor babies.. I know when my girls were babies I held them and loved them all day - how can one person hold and love 8 babies all day.....?

I truly feel sorry for the children... Okay, this might offend some but I have to say it.... If the Octomom really loved her children she would let parents who will love them individually adopt them.. I am a mother of two adopted children and I truly believe adoption is a wonderful selfless act by the birth parents... Here's a mom without a job, without a husband, and who cannot possibly take care of 14 children... it's not possible... Her children have become a dollar sign to her not a child to be cherished and loved.... And the fact that several of the children will be and are special needs children makes it even more difficult to understand how she could be so selfish... Children need to be love and nurtured....

Today, August 7, 2009 - A California appeals court ruled that Nadya Suleman's octuplets do not need to have a court-appointed guardian to oversee their estate. The Fourth District Court of Appeal issued the temporary stay Thursday. It overturns last month's order by a Superior Court probate judge appointing an independent lawyer to watch over the babies' finances. The probate judge had said he wanted to ensure the babies weren't exploited by tabloid photos or other paid ventures... Paul Peterson, a former Disney Mouseketeer who is an advocate for the fair treatment of children in entertainment, filed the petition seeking the independent lawyer in Orange County.. The next hearing is scheduled for August 20.....


  1. I don't understand either how 2 hands could care for 14 children.

  2. living in Southern California, I think we get more of the news than the rest of the country about Ms. Suleman. I couldn't believe the news coverage about the house she bought and when each child was released from the hospital. Has the media stooped down that low to find this newsworthy? they feed into her frenzy for attention. you are right; I feel for the babies, and I too (mom of 2 adopted children) think adoption would be a wise choice......but I'm thinking she is far from wise


  3. I'm all for reality however, how real can you be when you have a bunch of people, cameras and an editor around?

  4. I saw this about the reality show idea while glancing over headlines at the store. I was amazed! Why are they "rewarding" her for her behavior? What is "realistic" about her behavior?
    I completely agree about the adoption thoughts.

  5. Most of what the tabloids print are false but I keep expecting to hear this in the legit press any day now. Once her celebrity fades and people start forgetting about her, she'll figure out she can cash in on all this.

  6. I'm burnt out from all the "realty shows".



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