Monday, August 24, 2009

To Wii or Not to Wii

I have heard many things about the wii. I have personally never played one.. never seen one. Yesterday my youngest was playing at her friends house - they were on the wii for hours playing tennis... My sister loves her wii and she plays golf... I have no idea how this is possible.

We are thinking of buying a wii as a family present to us and the kids for Christmas. I have no idea if that is a good decision or not - so I am asking my blogging friends - I am sure many of you own one... What do you think?

To Wii or Not to Wii - That is the Question>>>>>>>>>


  1. My family has a Wii and it has been one of the best purchases we've ever made. Just promise yourself along with the regular Wii console and remotes, at some point, you'll get the Wii Fit... I play with my kids allllll the time and we have a blast! It's quite funny to watch my kids trying to do yoga poses for points! lol Good luck with your decision!!!

  2. We have one and it does save a lot of money, plus give the kids tons to do. The only problem is, my boyfriend's 9-year-old got bored with it fairly quickly. But every time we get a new game she's excited briefly, 'til she tires of that too.

    I think you'd like the Wii but I didn't like the Wii Fit. It just wasn't enough of a workout. That Wii Active thing looks really interactive. It ties to your legs and your arms to give you a full-body experience.

  3. Buy a Wii - you won't regret it. It's great for family activities, exercise. Wii Fit is an excellent fitness package that the kids will love. Lots of video games are great for problem-solving and hand-eye coordination. Wii is the only system I know that can get your heart rate to target without you even realizing you're working out!

  4. I have no idea what a Wii does, but I'm sure we don't need one. We have too much to do already.
    From the above comments, it does sound like it might be fun and useful for a family with kids.

  5. I love our Wii. Maybe you can try one out at a friend's house?

  6. I'd say it's worth picking up if you're willing to do more than just play the golf, bowling and tennis. You see, if you end up just playing the default game, Wii Sports, it will eventually bore those of which more choice has long been afforded.

    You should try to pick up a few of the other games on the side, such as Super Mario Galaxy and Boom Blox (or Boom Blox Bash Party would probably be better, it being the sequel), to ensure more interest in playing the system.

    Wii Sports will keep many people reasonably occupied for a month or two without other games, but after that most people used to gaming need additional variety. Wii Play, which comes with a controller, is a title that is completely worth picking up since it's pretty much a free game tagged on to a controller for the price of a controller alone.

    Also, you may be interested to note that the Wii may be getting a price cut of either 50 or 100 dollars in the upcoming months leading to Christmas.

  7. I think you will love it! We play it as a family a lot and most of the games we have are active games so it gets the kids moving and not just sitting. I never thought I would play but I do. I am glad we ended up getting one

  8. My kids enjoyed taking part in this at their uncle's house last summer.
    Although I think it's great for families to spend this time together...I am probably a "horse of a different color" here when I say that I would encourage families to engage in these things minus the electronic hook-up...go outside and play kickball...set up a family fitness regime of your own...go jog personal fitness charts, go bowling, play games...
    I'm not saying that WII is a "bad" thing...I'm just encouraging families to step outside the confinement and limits of a video game and "make your own fun and exercise"! Perhaps if you would purchase it, you might just limit the time you spend in front of the tv and vow to remain active and engaged as a family in other ways too! That said, I hear there's some sort of 'cow racing' game on there that is hysterical!

  9. My husband has been talking about getting one for the family also. Thanks for posting this because the comments helped me also!

  10. I found your blog somehow.. I forget how.. I think from Many Many Blessings..

    Anyway, we bought a Wii last Christmas (5 kids) and we played with it for a while, but I would say whether or not it's worthwhile purchase depends on how much you want your kids hooked into the tv/video games. While it's not a "traditional" video game, it *is* still a video game, and I kind of forgot about that when we got it. My kids still fought over it, got overstimulated playing it, wanted to be on it too much, were grumpy when they had to turn it off, etc, etc. Consequently, we have not played ours for months. (My husband and 13 year old probably got the most use out of it, playing Rock Band, and then my husband, who plays "real" guitar, bought her a "real" drumset, and they play together for real.)




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