Sunday, September 27, 2009

The New School Year..

First Day of School....

I am happy to report that I have two incredibly beautiful, talented, and smart daughters... many times I take it for granted how blessed we all are.. Blessed that they have their health... their God given talents and their love for life and their huge loving hearts...

With the new school year - we have had to face a couple of unexpected challenges.. Every year of my kids' academic lives they have both achieved "A" averages... My eldest had to work harder for her grades - but she is blessed with the love of reading and a steel trap for a brain... she does not forget anything - unless - it's something she wants to forget.. like chores.. Somehow, she is forgetting to study.... and has received her first F!!!! Talk about knocking me over with a feather... Since then she has received an "A" on her last history test and that has raised her grade to a whopping D plus.... Lessons are being learned by her and by me..... learning to be a better organizer... has become a top priority... I do have to say though... that all of her other classes she is getting A's.......

My youngest - hates hates hates to read but can retain everything that she learns is class... and her mind is a human calculator... the kid has got math.. The problem is now that she is in the 6th grade - she has to study independently.... and find the answers herself.. There lies the problem.... and with that problem or better word... challenge came her very first ever... D.. At first I was livid... she is too smart to get a D... what the heck is going on???? But after thinking it through - I am thinking it just might be a blessing in disguise..... because now - she realizes how important good grades are..... since she has received her D - she has earned three "A" papers but they have only risen the grade to B status.... which I am happy to report is driving her nuts and her beautiful competitive nature will have none of that...

I am thinking although they were off to a rocky start - lessons are being learned.... education and knowledge is being better appreciated.... and everything will be good... I recently received these pictures and wanted to share...

Their cousin's wedding.... Aren't they lovely???


  1. Your girls are beautiful! I think you are right about the grade - it doesn't hurt to learn that you have to work hard sometimes. :)

  2. You mean one is supposed to work hard and apply themself? Who knew? (Couldn't sleep. Woke up to a huge spider crawling on our motel bed. Eww!)

  3. Kelly,

    Oh how I can feel your pain with school work that varies from year to year. This is my oldest daughters first B and she was about in tears with trying to remain a perfect A student all the way through high school. Poor thing, her expectations can be way too high.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Beautiful wedding pictures! Well, everyone can't be great at everything - I was good in English and Math, but horrible in ANY science classes. HORRIBLE. I made A's in most of my classes except the sciences. Sounds like you have great girls!

  5. Since placing firstborn in school, I'm having to get use to grades because I chose not to use a grading system at home. I think he's enjoying getting grades and seeing the benefits of studying....or the consequences of not (smile).

    Your girls are cutie pies!

  6. Beautiful photos. Hope they have a great school year. Blessings,

  7. Your girls are lovely. Better for them to learn now that they need to organize and study harder. Some kids don't learn that until college, and then the grades count a lot more, too.



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