Thursday, October 8, 2009

Levi Johnston To Pose Nude For Playgirl

One of the things that really bothers me about our media - about the morals of today's society is that they make it possible for losers to profit from the sadness and mistakes of others. Remember Hugh Grant when he met up with the prostitute, Divine Brown - she made some good money making TV appearances and interviews... You can't forget good ole Kato Kaelin, OJ Simpson's friendly housemate... I can go on with many more names and I am sure you can too.... The list seems endless and that is so very sad to me...

There are many leeches out there ready to grab on for a quick ride at the expense of others... It is so gross. Trying to raise my kids to have the values of human decency is sometimes hard when they see the media glorifying these pond scum suckers... Human decency has become lost in the quest to make more money.... Destroy more lives... Sex and humiliation sell. Think of all the realty shows that go out of their way to set people up.. to tear them down...

So when I found out that Levi Johnston is going to pose nude for Playgirl - it just made my skin crawl..(Now I know why he keeps getting his picture taken with his shirt off - geez) Here is a guy - that was the boyfriend of Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol. Levi fathered Bristol's son Tripp. Instead of man-ing up and marrying Bristol and trying to provide a home and family for the son they created - he decided to air his perceived dirty laundry in the public forum... We have all heard his side..... What is sad is the very people that were against Sarah Palin for Vice President are welcoming poor misunderstood Levi into their home... into their parties.. into their studios.. Look at Kathy Griffin a major "I hate Sarah Palin" celebrity - She and Levi have become fast friends..... I wonder why? He's 19.... and she is just yucky...

Being a parent today is tough.. Teaching values that go against the media and other outlets is very hard... We have to say it's not okay to have kids before marriage.. We have to say it's not okay to drink and do drugs.... We have to say it's not okay to rip someone apart to see them crumble to the ground... It's not okay to hurt others simply because you can.... We need to teach respect for their elders... We need to teach marriage and then children.... We need to teach that everyone is worthy of kindness and praise..... and the sad thing is - the good and Godly things don't seem as much fun at times......


  1. I agree. This whole thing is sad. He seems to be willing to say or day whatever to make money.

  2. And he thinks that his child will never see that or possibly be humiliated and ridiculed for it in the future? Oh best not get me started on that I suppose.

  3. Yes, and amen, and keep preaching it, sister. Better yet, keep living it! Just yesterday I wrote a letter to ESPN Insider magazine regarding their most recent issue of "sports" articles. It was all about glorifying the human body. There were no less than a dozen pictures of naked women/men (mostly women of course), and it made we sick. We get the magazine because we get the on-line resource for our older sons who are in college and follow sports adamantly. The magazine comes here, though. Now, I know they're older and are making their own decisions now, but as for me and my house, we aren't having it! Not a lick...

    Vigilant parenting along these lines is our only hope (of course guided by the Spirit of the living God) to raise our kids with any level of moral decency and spiritual understanding. Even if we don't feel our letters are making a difference, we still need to voice our outrage.

    Whew... now I'm in a lather, again! Thanks for stopping the blog and for leaving a comment. You are always welcome there. Have a beautiful CA kind of day.


  4. Until I read this-I had no idea who he was.

    Oh yes the poster boy for why ABSTINENCE education doesn't
    Honestly-he's damaged goods. This whole misunderstood crap? Nuhuh-not buying it.

    Why would anyone want to see his wiener?
    He ain't even hawt.

  5. It's so sad what people will do for those 5 minutes of fame. So sad!!

  6. It's beyond me why anyone would find him worth of a Playgirl spread.

  7. I think this is very sad. Just to make a little money and get a few minutes of air time.
    Praying for your sister.

  8. oh so very true...and sad.

    thanks for stopping by and for joining us on our journey...we look forward to getting to know you better!
    hope you had a wonderful day with your daughters today.


  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following too. You have many good points in this post. I am from L.A. - where everyone is looking for the time in the spotlight...but now that attitude is everywhere and the media and many people eat it up...I am so out of the loop...I didn't even know he was posing.

    I have post ( of my very first and my son asked me the question "Can you be famous for not doing anything famous?" The post doesn't go into detail, but in real life I laid it all out there for him.

    Holly @ 504 Main

  10. I'm praying for your sister and her family.

    Why would he want to do this? Is the money really worth it?

  11. I was shocked, and also not shocked, when I heard about this. Anything to have the 15 minutes of fame extended! What will his son think of him someday? That is what I wonder about. And yes, Kathy Griffin is icky.

  12. I hadn't heard about this but last night we saw Cato Caelin hosting a show and were talking about how our society makes celebrities out of these jokers. It doesn't seem fair but as long as people will buy into it, they'll do it.



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