Friday, November 13, 2009

Get On-Line Math Help With TutorVista

I am one of those parents that expect my kids to pull in excellent grades... I know they are completely capable of maintaining an "A" average and they do..... But there are times that a subject and/or concept is difficult to master... For my eldest daughter that is math... She has had a love/hate relationship with math her entire life - what's funny is that she has tested at college level in math and she is in the 8th grade.. So we all know that she can do it... with the right tools.

She used to go to a tutoring club a few times a week for a couple of hours each time when she was in the 5th grade - what I did not like about this was that they did not help her on her existing classwork - they had books that needed to be completed to progress to the next level.... I was told that was the way to go - but unfortunately - it was not the way for my kids to go... Next we tried a tutor that came to our home once a week - this worked out pretty good - they were able to work on key elements of her math work and my daughter was maintaining an "A" average in math with much more ease - this was in the 6th grade....

In junior high - math has become a completely new territory with changing formulas and directions each week and a once a week tutor is just not enough. My kid needs help when she needs it and does not have the luxury to wait until tutor time..... That is when we discovered With she can get math help
right when she needs it. Having an online math tutor whenever she needs one makes homework so much easier...

Getting online math tutoring with TutorVista is so easy. They offer online math help for every math subject your student/child needs. You simply go to the site and type in a question and there you go. You can get free online math tutoring and free online math help - by going onto TutorVista's website - they provide a free demo for first time users so that they can try the service for free - you have nothing to lose..

TutorVista offers a unlimited tutoring package for $99.99 a month for all subjects - not just math. The tutoring is available whenever my kid needs it - which makes it nice because I really don't like math...


  1. We used to use but these days our public library offers online homework assistance for free. Thank goodness because we're unable to afford any service.

  2. I never heard of this. My wife is forever trying to help her 5th grade daughter with math homework. It's a challenge. Math isn't the same as my school days.

  3. Thank you so much for this link. I need to help my 4th grader with math. I know this will come in handy.

  4. I'm so sorry about your sister's diagnosis. I hope the surgery goes well.
    I was good in math so enjoyed helping my kids with math homework. But for a parent who struggles with that subject, sounds like a great idea.



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