Friday, February 19, 2010

My Daughter and I 80's style....

This week was wacky week at Nikki's school - the 8th grader... She could not wait until decade day because she wanted to dress like I did in college.... It's funny, she loves the big hair... the bright colors... and did I mention the big hair... I went through a can of hairspray a week in those days.. The teasing.. the spraying... the teasing some more..

I started going through some old pictures of me in those days... and I have to laugh out loud... Not only was my hair high - my friends had high and crazy hair too - What the heck were we thinking...
Looking at these pictures brought back some good memories... I haven't always been a boring mom and wife... I used to be pretty fun.... I do remember winning a belly button contest once.. but that's another story.. maybe.. So I thought I would share what I looked like... funny -

I'm the really tan one on the right.... Those were the days I would lay out for hours with only baby oil for protection.... When you're 21 you don't think about skin cancer..

This picture was taken on my 21st birthday - I have no idea who the guy is..... but I do remember it was a really fun night...

This picture just makes me laugh... my friend had a camera and she wanted poses... geez...


  1. Ah, thanks for the trip down memory lane! For me it was the HUGE glasses. The sons will look at pictures of me in the 80's and ask what was up with the glasses. Trying to explain that was the fashion just makes them shake their head harder at me!
    Oh and I use to lay out in the sun with no sunscreen too. Never heard of it, but boy did I like to use the oil. You could have cooked me with as much oil that I used. Now I have to see the dermatolgist once a year since I've had a pre-cancerous spot removed. But like you, I was young and loved my tan way too much!

  2. She got the look down! I remember the big hair and laying out with baby oil on. That was crazy, but it's fun looking back!

  3. OMGosh I so went back to the 80s with this post!!! awesome! Your Daughter is beautiful...
    and boy you got that right about baby oil...I used baby oil and iodine UGH LOL

  4. Too funny! Your daughter's look for that day was incredible, and I loved the pictures! I see 'MOM JEANS'! :-D

  5. Oh I loved those pictures! Goodness, the good ole 80's!

  6. How cute! Gotta love that big hair!



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