Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Spa Day

Today was my day to pamper myself... Working 10-12 hour days - being a single parent most days (the husband travels a lot) and taking care of 2 kids and all their activities - maintaining a clean house - balancing the budget - keeping track of everyone's whereabouts has worn me completely out..... Being a woman - a wife - and mom is tiring... Today - I took the day off..

I first started with a deep penetrating hot mud stress reliving back massage.. Followed by a 50 minute massage.....

I had a forty minute break and took in the sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi - I wore my towel - I have a hard time understanding how women can walk around without anything on... and sit in the steam room.... yuck and no thank you...

I then had a 50 minute facial and

the finale was the waxing.....

and I came home feeling relaxed and limp like a wet noodle... awwwww


  1. What a wonderful day! I am so glad you did this for yourself. You deserve it!

  2. You lucky girl! It sounds just wonderful!

  3. That sounds like the perfect day!!

  4. I so agree about the sauna and steam bath, but the rest sounds great!

  5. I am so jealous. Glad you enjoyed your day. : )

  6. I am so envious. That sounds terrific. I have had a facial and a massage but never on the same day. I could stand coming home and feeling like a wet

  7. Oh Wow, what a wonderful way to spend your day! You sure deserved it!

  8. I need a day like that soon!! You are lucky to have one!!

  9. Perhaps your husband might like this treatment too??? Get him all geared up for whatever is coming up next!!



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