Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spending Time With Dad

I recently watched the movie Up in The Air with George Clooney - I could just drown in those beautiful eyes of his... can't you? I had no idea what the movie was about - only that George had been nominated for an Oscar and the movie received a lot of buzz.... Although the movie was excellent - I have to say it was so sad......

Here's a man who travels almost every day of the year - in the movie he had mentioned that he had only been home 37 days that year - the rest of his time is spent in airports and hotels and he thinks he likes his life - without giving the movie away to those of you that have not seen it - believe me when I say that he's doesn't know how unhappy he really is...

This movie had me thinking.... How lonely it must be to travel so much - How lonely it must be for my husband who traveled several days a week - like his father did before him... It's funny how we tend to imitate the role models of our childhood..

This week, I noticed how hungry my girls were for Dusty's (husband) attention... They asked him to watch them play tennis - to pick them up from school - go for walks around the neighborhood.... The girls missed their dad.... and now that he is home - they are soaking it all in.. Taking advantage of spending quality time with their dad... and that is a good thing.


  1. George Clooney is gorgeous!
    I'm glad the girls are enjoying this time with their Dad.

  2. My husband travels quite a bit for work, too. And he talks about how much he hates staying in lonely hotel rooms. We don't have kids, but our pets and me always RUSH to see him when he comes home!!

  3. Oh yes spending time with dad is so very important...young or old!!

  4. Hi

    I have something for you over at my blog. Have a wonderful day!

  5. The Husband has just in the past few months been traveling for work, and my girls are ALL OVER HIM when he comes back! I love seeing that, and I love seeing him just be so enamored with their attention! :-)



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