Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's All About Character

When I was in the tenth grade - My business law teacher, Mr. Baldwin had our class watch President Reagan be sworn into office... Mr. Baldwin's comment to all of us on that day was - "You are watching history in the making".... This was January 20, 1981.... In November 1984- I voted in my first election and I voted for President Reagan to continue his stay in the Oval Office.. I remember feeling proud of myself... feeling American... Knowing that my one vote could make a difference... I believe elections were won by character in those days.... Not by "Smear" campaigns...

I have to tell you - I am completely disgusted by the election campaign ads and the candidates that are constantly on TV.... When President Obama was running for office - I thought the ads had hit an all time low.. I was wrong... The ads for Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman are so awful that I am choosing not to vote for either one of them this election... They are both horrid... Whatever happened to a candidate proving their worth... Proving their qualifications? Nowadays, it's Spin City - Elections are no longer based on Character but instead how bad they can make their opponent look by skewing the facts.

I have not heard one candidate step up to the plate and state their case... or rise above the trash talk and give real talk on what they can do for our state... our nation... Telling us... Showing us - what their intentions are... What their plans are... and what they will do to achieve it... Winning an election is all about Character... and I have not seen any good character in any elected or running candidate it a very long time....

Love this speech from The American President....


  1. Same thing is happening here in our area :o(
    I can't wait for November 2nd to come and go...

  2. I agree - I am so sick of everyone trash talking each other.

  3. I agree they have all been really ridiculous! The talk shows are making fun of them too so I got to see quite a few from around the country - all trash!!

  4. I agree and I am so disgusted by it that I don't even watch them. Every time I see an ad I turn it off. they are saying absolutely nothing of interest.

  5. Not too much trashing that I'm aware of here in AZ--could it be because the dems can't compete with John McCain? You're a good writer, Kelly, and make an excellent point. It's hard to even know what the debate is about anymore when they act like that.

  6. One of my all-time favorite speeches, movie or otherwise.

  7. Sometimes people just have to hit rock bottom before things can/will change. I think that happens in politics too.

  8. I just said to my wife yesterday that I'll be glad when November 3rd is here so I don't have to look at anymore of those stupid campaign ads on TV.


  9. Wow, it is so funny you posted this. Just the other night I was telling my husband that I will be happy when the elections are over because I am sick of watching candidates dogging each other. Why can't they just do a commercial about what they want to accomplish in the position they are running for?



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