Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Grown Up Christmas List

When I was little, I remember looking outside my bedroom window late late at night on Christmas Eve - hoping to get a glimpse of Santa and his sleigh - there were a few times I believed that I actually saw the jolly old guy....

Bringing the wonder and excitement to my girls when they were younger was a joy.... We would go to my in-laws on Christmas Eve to open presents from my husband's side of the family - on our way home - we were close to 3 different airports and off in the distance we all would see Santa's sleigh... I would tell the girls they needed to get to bed and fall asleep right away so I can fill their stockings and go to bed so Santa could come and bring their Christmas goodies... Getting them to bed was the easy part.... getting them to sleep - well, that's a different story... They were too excited to fall asleep - wondering what Santa would bring them from their Christmas lists....

This year - they had a "teenager" Christmas list... They both wanted full beds (no more twins)... One wanted purple walls - the other blue walls... New bedding... New window coverings... Down came the hula skirt valances.... No more bright and sunny yellow walls... No more Hawaiian surfboards.. leis... and flower motif.... It was sad to me changing the rooms out.. Gone are my 'little girls' and in their place are two 'little women' who are growing up so very fast.... By the way the rooms do look fantastic... I will take pictures - when everything is done and their beds are made.....

As a child... teenager - we know what tangible things we want for Christmas.. As we get older - I believe the "tangible" is no longer important. I find that I love the days leading up to Christmas.. The shopping... the decorating... the Christmas music.... the kindness to others... the baking.. and the remembrance of my Lord and Savior's birthday celebration.... As for gifts for me - there really isn't anything I want that is tangible.... I have been blessed to have all my needs met....

If I had a "Christmas List" It would read like this:

My family to stay healthy
For both of my girls to always know that they are loved... cherished. I wish they would be more open to trying new things... meeting new people... experiencing new adventures... I wish they would not hold back on their joy but jump in with both feet...
Dusty to continue to enjoy his new position... and to be able to spend the quality time he wishes to spend with his favorite girls.... (me included)
As for me..... I am completely content when my family is cared for..... and happy....

A fun little e card from

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  1. The picture of the girls with Santa is really cute! I have the same wishes as you - that's a mom thing. :)
    I can't get the card to play - bummer!

  2. I too miss the days when the sons wanted toys. Now when I ask them what do you want for Christmas? They have no reply. There's only 17 more days left and they still haven't told me what they want.
    Love your JiberJab!

  3. You have a beautiful list. If only Santa would listen...

  4. I love your list! Mine is much the same!



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