Friday, January 7, 2011

I love My 'Pooping' Dog...

I have to tell you that I love my Dog... She is the badge for my Kelly's Ideas blog.. She is adorable and cracks me up.... It must be nice to be her... She sleeps... She eats... She cuddles.. and occasionally she'll poop in the house..... She is very strange in this bad habit of hers... She likes us to watch her? I don't know... The door would be wide open and still she'll go for all to see - Not all the time but enough for us to call her our 'Loving Pooping Dog'..... This is not one of her finer qualities... But she is loved..... Right now I can hear her snoring... Evidence below....

One of her favorite spots is hanging out on top of my desk....

She loves boogie boarding in the pool but hates swimming... Whenever we are in the pool she looks for the boogie board and when she finds it - she walks onto it by herself.... and goes for a ride...

She is a total lap dog... King Charles Cavaliers were breed for this purpose.They are well known for being the dog of choice for the King of England... They are the largest "toy" size dog...

I have to say that she is by far the most loving and easy going dog I have ever owned... Not a mean bone in her body... She loves without reservation... I could learn a lot of that from her....


  1. Cute pup!!! My cat, Cameron likes to ho on my desk and park his butt right in front of the monitor so I can't see it.

  2. What's a little poop when you get to cuddle up to an adorable dog like that?! She's gorgeous. Nothing like animals to teach us how to be better human beings!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Dogs are the bomb, we can forgive a lot for something that leaps all over us when we come home and give us power of the remote.

  4. He's a cute dog! My dogs aren't the same breed but they are just as spoiled as your dog!

  5. awwww. I love her snoring and love that you recorded her snoring. She`s totally cute.

  6. My dog looks like your dog! She's part King Charles Spaniel as well. She's bigger, though...we're not sure what she's mixed with. They have SUCH beautiful faces. Here's a picture of mine. Her name is Shelby:

  7. I saw my first King Charles Cav at a pet show years ago and thought it was the cutest dog I'd ever seen in my life, literally. They look like a stuffed animal come to life! Your baby is adorable, poop and all! lol

  8. she is a cutie! My kids keep bugging me to get a dog... I';m not I'm ready.

  9. So cute! I wish I had a dog :) My husband fights the idea. He thinks we have enough activity with all the kids. One of these days, I'll get one!



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