Friday, March 4, 2011

And The Band Played On - Give Away

A Threat No One Dared Face
A Word No One Wanted To Speak
A Fight For Many, Fought by Few...

And the Band Played On is a movie that I had watched several years ago.. It's a movie about the beginning origins of the HIV and AIDS virus... The movie is full of incredible actors - Alan Alda, Phil Collins, Richard Gere, Angelica Huston, Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, and many many more.... I bought this movie recently "used" from Amazon.... I wanted my kids to know how far our society has come... I wanted my kids to understand how tragic this disease is... How scary it could be... And I wanted them to know that millions of people... innocent people... babies... and maybe someone they know or will know is infected with this horrible disease... I wanted my kids to learn compassion... understanding... and I believe this movie is an excellent learning tool to understand the human factor of AIDS.. It puts a face to it...

I was in college when HIV/AIDS hit the airways... No one really knew what it was.. What caused it... A fear started to surface... Because no one knew how it was transferred -The people inflicted with this disease were shunned... Kicked out of school, refused medical help, fired from their jobs, and the list goes on... A real panic took place.. I remember watching one news show where an inventor made a revolving toilet seat cover in hopes of protecting people from the virus... Every night on the news there was one story or another about some one with AIDS being refused their basic rights... It was an awful and scary time....

When it was discovered that the virus was transferred by blood and sex - that brought a huge wave a fear.. especially in the unmarried crowd.. People like me... In college.. Newly sexually active.. Our only concern was not to get pregnant... Now we feared for our lives.. In 1986 - I went to a HIV testing clinic... I remember talking to a counselor... Having my blood drawn... Getting a number to hold onto.. Going back the following week giving my number back... Talking to a counselor again.. And receiving my results... Negative.. It was a fearful time...

The video at the bottom is a video from the movie (Elton John) - it's a tear jerker

I am giving away my "Used" copy of And The Band Played On... In hopes that you will share it with others.... To Win this copy -

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  6. Wow I'd really like to watch that movie. I'll have to check it out.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm glad to hear that there are people out there that love their slow cookers as much as I do...I'll have to pick up a George Forman too!!

    Mrs H

  7. I don't remember a time without AIDS/HIV, but I do remember when it really hit mainstream and Magic Johnson was on MTV talking about condoms. I think I was oblivious prior to that.

    The movie sounds great.

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  12. I remember those days too. I also remember the many who passed away to this dreaded diasese. Terrible, terrible times....

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  14. I had the same experience in college that you did. I was far from promiscuous, but my roommates and i had done enough and heard enough to be scared. All of four of us got tested. All four of us were negative. I promised myself that i would NEVER put myself in a position to have worry about that again. I didn't become a prude, but certain activities were absolutely off limits without a condom.
    You describe the feeling at that time - the panic- so well.
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