Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Mom - You Are Over Protective"

One of the battles I often have with my 14 year old daughter is that she believes I am "over-protective" and I just might be... And that's okay with me.. As a parent we know our kids... We know their maturity... their thought process (or at least we try)... We know the quality of friends they have... We know how much responsibility they can handle... We know how much "freedom" they can take and with that freedom what kind of choices they will typically make.... It is my responsibility as my daughters' mom to help lead them in the right directions... To hold them accountable when they make bad choices... To praise them when they rise to the occasion... To believe and encourage them as they mature....

If that makes me Over Protective - So Be It!


  1. Kids often think that, but wait till she has her own! I bet her story will change then. :)

  2. yep, that's our job- to be over protective. my oldest is 17. Might be time for me to mask my protectiveness a bit..LOL

  3. Mama bear is supposed to protect the young!

  4. Here, here, I totally agree, I'm sure that I'll still be over protective when mine are all grown up too. My 19 year old son works in a school science lab as a technician. He spends the day working with chemicals, heat and other nasties and yet when he wanted to melt pewter last night with a blow torch I stood with him holding tight to a bucket of water. He is clearly growing up though as he just smiled and said "if you need to".

  5. I totally agree. There aren't enough parents like that actually!



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