Monday, March 21, 2011

My Addictions...

I have many addictions...

Grey's Anatomy - I started watching this series on Netflix and was hooked from the first episode. The acting, the characters, and the different story lines makes this a series that is a must see... So I watched all previous 6 seasons on Netflix (got my kids addicted too) and now season 7 is on TV but... several episodes have passed so I joined HuluPlus and now I am watching Season 7 episode 4...

Diet Coke - Love the stuff....

American Idol - This year's talent is amazing....

Playing one sister, the other sister, both my sisters, and the husband on Scrabble - through my IPad and Facebook... It's fun - Do you wanna play??

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.. Enough said!

What's Your Addiction?


  1. Chocolate!!!!!
    Coffee....that would be Dunkin Donuts whole bean addicted to the DD while living in the RV in the Hudson Valley, NY...wonderful stuff!!!!!

  2. New follower here! You've got me hooked since you are a fan of Idol and Twilight!!

  3. I am addicted to Grey's as well, love that show! And Private Practice:-)
    I'm addicted to string cheese, I could eat an entire bag in on day ha!

  4. I'm definitely with you on PB cups. Right now my addiction is Starbucks!

  5. Love all the things you do except Scrabble!! and many more addictions!

  6. I love most of those things too. I have to have the diet coke from Sonic though. There is just something about their ice. Yum!

  7. I love Scrabble! And Peanut Butter Cups.

  8. I LOVE Grays..its odd, because I don't watch it for weeks at a time and then we catch up on it in one day.. makes it kind of like a movie. :)
    Thanks for the follow, I am following back

  9. Replace diet coke with just about any other pop and I have all your addictions! Greys', Reese, wait...they have scrabble on facebook??

    PS I'm your newest follower. Can't believe I wasn't before!

  10. I'm a big Scrabble fan. I'm always looking for someone to play me. Chocolate is my addiction, and I love Grey's too. American Idol has terrific talent this year.



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