Monday, March 7, 2011

NetFlix -I Think I Love You.... But I wanna know for sure.

During the day - My TV is off - I do not like it on - I have too many things to do... In the early evening - the husband is watching his sports or Jeopardy... and I am slowing down my day... I'm not much into TV shows - I do not like commercials... Now, I do have to admit -I do watch Glee when I remember it's on - my youngest and I enjoy watching together.... AND I do like watching American Idol - this year is by far the largest talent pool EVER... Didn't you just cry like a baby last Thursday? I know I did.... AND The Bachelor - this show is such a train wreck that I have to watch and gag a little.. But that's it.. really...... Until - Netflix entered my World and Rocked it....

What's super duper neat about Netflix is that you can streamline their on-line videos through your Wii or your DVD player.. We did streamline through our Wii in the beginning - We purchased a Bluray disc player a couple of weeks ago and now we play the Netflix through the player... I like the player better - mostly because with the Wii you have to use their hand held control and point the hand and it wiggles....I'm Not into wiggly things... maybe that's why I can't stand jello... any hoo...

Not all the shows are available through the streamline feature - in fact most shows are not... Those shows I have mailed to me one at a time.. The movies through the mail are mostly the shows that came out on DVD recently... We have watched as a family.. Social Network, Invictus, Crazy Heart, Avatar, Iron Man 1 and 2, and Inception... The DVDs are in Bluray format and the picture quality is INSANE.. When we are done watching the movie - we drop it in the mail and we receive the next movie a day later...

What is available through streamline are many of the TV shows that I never had a chance to watch.. TV shows without commercials and I don't have to wait a week or more to watch the next episode.... (I like this).. I first started watching Bones with David Boreanaz... This show is good about an anthropologist and police detective solving murders.... I watched a couple of seasons of this show - it got a little cheesy.. for my taste... so I stopped... Then I watched Season 1 of Drop Dead Diva - very cute show.... Looking forward to watching Season 2.. I am now watching Grey's Anatomy and I am hooked... I LOVE THIS SHOW.... I am currently watching Season 5.. Every episode is different - the story lines are strong... And Dr. McDreamy... Well - He is pretty Hot..... Now I know what all the fuss has been about...

Now you know why - I go to bed around midnight... I wait for the family to go to bed.. and then it's Kelly Time... with Dr. McDreamy and friends.......


  1. Around here we DVR all our favorite shows, then we watch them later just so we can fast forward through the commericals. This is sad, very sad, but that's how we watch tv here.

  2. I've been hearing lots of good about Netflix and have been thinking about ordering it. You added another reason to do it!

  3. Oh we love netflix, and Greys I have been a fan since season 1 deffiantly Best Show ever!!

  4. We got Netflix a couple months ago. LOVE IT!

    BTW, thanks for the hop! I just joined (albeit rather late).



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