Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting It Done...

Don't you love the feeling of getting must needed but dreaded things done? I know I do... I've been out of "bloggy land" for the past month doing my must dos... and getting hard or yucky jobs done...

I have a small little business that I have owned for about 15 years... What I do is process mortgage loans... You know the person who handles ALL your paperwork when you apply for a mortgage for a new home or refinance? Well I'm that girl... The girl that calls and asks for 20,000 paystubs, bank statements, and stupid letters to explain why you were late on a visa card in 1994.... It may sound crazy but I really do like what I do... Well the Department of Real Estate has been adding new rules and regulations over the past couple of years and one of those new rules is that a contract processor (me) now must carry a broker's license AND two (2) national and state endorsements in order to stay in business.. For the past two months I have been studying and the past 3 weeks studying like there was no tomorrow... I took my test last Monday and I Passed! I am a little surprised that I did... mostly due to the fact - I was experiencing a few panic attacks during the 5 hour ordeal.. That flipping test was hard.... So glad that it is over... and now I am onto 2 more hard tests... AND 20 hour of live instruction!!! The other two (2) tests - I should have done by summer time...

Another dreaded test I was due for was my colonoscopy.. I had that done last Thursday... The prep work the day before is the worst - that crap that they make us drink tastes like lemon furniture polish with a few healthy doses of salt... I have memories of sitting on the toilet letting it work while I'm drinking another 8 oz of that S#@!.... Like the visual???? ha ha.. By Thursday morning my colon was clean and shiny.. Clean enough for the doctor to find 2 new polops... I remember when I was waking up he said that my body sure likes having polops.. Last time I had 2 and the time before that 3 and of those 3 one of them was so large that it was causing complications... I have to say I am thankful to have insurance that allows me to go when I need to go and get whats needs to be done.. done... I'm suppose to go back in 4-5 years.. I'm thinking I'll go on my 50th birthday or there about...

There are more tests coming up that I will be studying for and examines that I don't like... Looking forward to having no more tests to take.. at least for a while...

Are there any "must do's" that you have to do but not doing?

PS - I was thinking about posting pictures of my shiny colon but my kids talked me out of it by saying that it was "EWWWW GROSSSS"... :)


  1. I had my first colonscope last summer. You're right that stuff is gross in more ways than one! Here's hopeing that all goes well with ALL tests results.

  2. Hooray for you for passing that test! I'm supposed to be scheduling my first colonoscopy. I really need to do it, but am not looking forward to it!

  3. Congrats on passing your various test and the up coming ones as well. Im sure you will do great!
    Thank you for stopping by this afternoon.
    I had a colonoscopy once and I said never again.
    I guess they are a neccessary evil.



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