Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Daughters and I - Are Going Historical! Part II

This is post 2 to our "Historical Adventure" if you missed post 1 - you can read it here. I have to tell you - I am having such a blast setting this trip up... So far I've told you about our plans to visit Williamsburg/Jamestown (a side note - a very dear friend was asked to be a "character actor" in the Williamsburg Colonial area -that is how this side trip came about) and a little about the DC Smithsonian museums... In my research I discovered that there are several ways of getting around DC.. I personally will use Old Town Trolleys for two of our days (I purchased tickets on line and received a buy one day get the 2nd day free) - this is a service that has several on/off stops throughout the DC area.. I also know that the hotel we will be staying at is very close to the subway - I have been told that navigating the DC subways is very easy... That's a good thing...

To squeeze in as much sight seeing in DC as possible - I have mapped out a route to all the places "I Must See" and I have allotted "x" amount of time at each... This may sound very tight and or regimented.. But I truly believe that if you want to soak in the most you can in a trip and still enjoy it - you gotta do this... I think too many people will go on a vacation not really knowing what to expect or what to see and then when they get home from that trip - learn that they missed out on some really cool stuff... I don't want that to happen to me... again..

After our week in the DC area - we will jump on the Amtrak train - (you can get discount tickets if purchased 14 days in advance) to Manhattan... I was lucky enough to find a hotel near Times Square - I originally had booked a hotel near the Metropolitan Art Museum but soon realized that the hotel really wasn't close to any of the attractions we wanted to enjoy... Because cost is a concern (we are far from wealthy) I did a lot of comparison shopping.. As I am sure you are aware hotels are very expensive in the Big Apple.. So we will only spend 3 days/2 nights.. But you will be amazed what we are fitting into this time frame!

The first day in New York City - we will meet another "tour on/off" double decker bus... (buy 2 days get the 3rd free! the tour includes several choice tours - we can choose to take advantage of all of them or a few - it's up to us and all of it is included in the $88 price tag). We will be exploring the Downtown Area AND we will go to the Top of The Rock - 70 stories up to view the city - we thought about doing the Empire State Building but we changed our mind based on 2 reasons - the ride up to the top is a glass elevator and we will have a spectacular view of the Empire State Building AND everything else.... On our 2nd day - we will take the subway to Battery Park and jump on the Ferry to The Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island - next we are taking a "riding tour" of Brooklyn - once we are done with this we will go back to our hotel - spruce up and go see Phantom of the Opera.... On the last day in New York - we are going into indulge in some window shopping.. We will catch our train bound for Boston at noon..

Part 3 of this incredible adventure will be on my next/last post....


  1. You are going to have so much fun! I think you could be a tourist agent, you do so well at this. Will you plan my next trip? :)

  2. For my daughter's anniversary last summer her hubby did a surprise flight to New York and took her to see the Phantom of the Opera--she loved it. My in-laws saw it when they were in England. I have always wanted to see it. I love the music! Chinatown is an interesting place to visit and eat at--I had a friend that grew up there and she once took me for breakfast---really some strange stuff!

  3. This brings back fun memories. Boston's great, too. Enjoy.
    Thanks for the visit.
    Cheers and safe travels!

  4. You're going to have a blast!! Take lots of pictures, have fun, explore, love and laugh :) and eat some good food too!

  5. As a teacher, I took 6th graders to Toronto from Michigan to see the Phantom 9 different years...I LOVE it so much. It's a great play for kids to see to learn to appreciate different kinds of music. Get the libretto ahead of time so the kids know what is being said...Have fun. Visiting from the Friday hop: come visit



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