Sunday, May 29, 2011

Social Hop - For A Cause..

She Could Be Your Daughter

This week I have posted a couple of blogs about my friend's daughter, Haley. Haley is 16 years old and she is suffering from a very rare bone marrow disease called Myelodysplasia. This disease affects less than 100 children a year... Haley's doctor has advised the family that she needs a bone marrow transplant and his goal is start the process in June. Unfortunately, the family is not a match! This is where I need you to get the word out...

Testing is as simple as a swabbing your mouth! Really it's that easy.....

Here is the FB page for Haley - Please like it and if you want to be tested - Please say "I want to be tested!" and I will forward you the information you need to help...

If you cannot donate bone marrow - You can donate money to help the family with the testing. Every dollar counts... The Paypal link is in the sidebar.

Above all else - Please lift Haley, her parents - Joe and Cathie and sister Ashley in your prayers.. We serve an amazing Father and He is in control - which I for one is very happy about....

Here are the blog posts telling Haley's story. Post 1 and Post 2 and Post 3

I would love it if you followed my Facebook page too - but if you only follow one please let it be Haley's....


  1. Haley and her family are in my prayers! God Bless!

  2. hi, I placed a badge at my sidebar hoping I can somehow spread the word. I'm just so far away to donate (im in the middle of the Pacific Ocean right now) and because I'm the size of a child, they usually don't allow me to donate even blood.

  3. Hi Kelly, thanks for coming by. Just want to let you know I posted about Haley in my "Special Report" and at least a few of my friends have come by and/or to her facebook page. Will keep putting the word out and sending prayers.

  4. So great you're looking to get the word out, I "liked" on Facebook.

  5. Would you like to add an article on my network, Mama's Little Nestwork? Just comment and let me know on Mama's Little Chick.

    Mama Hen

  6. Good luck! Prayers your way!



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