Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mom and Daughters' Trip - Mt. Vernon & Arlington

Before we headed into Washington DC - We visited Mt. Vernon.. As you may know - Mt. Vernon was the home to President George Washington... Simply put - this place is Beautiful... We met up with my sister, brother in law, and niece here to start our DC area adventure... The above front picture of Mt. Vernon was taken off yahoo pictures - while we were there - there was a large scaffold that blocked the view of the front.. The back however - made up for it!
The back of Mount Vernon
George and Martha Washington's Tomb

View of the Potomac River from back of estate.

View from back of Mt. Vernon

Kids being silly at Mt. Vernon

Our last day in DC - the girls and I went to Arlington Cemetery, Georgetown, and a closer look at the White House - The house was much smaller than I anticipated... The day was incredibly hot.. While we watched the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - I put my hand on a metal chain and it blistered right away.... I am so very glad that we had this amazing opportunity to see all the things we did.... What a whirlwind trip!

John F Kennedy - grave site - the picture only close up - you can see the eternal flame

Unknown Tomb

Back of the White House
Back of the White House
Front of the White House - if you look on top - you will see snipers.. crazy
Famous cupcakes - the line went all the way around the block... no thanks!


  1. Great pix! Mt Vernon was beautiful!!! Can you imagine how hot those snipers must have been????

  2. You went to so many great places on this trip!

  3. Great pics, I've never been to Mt. Vernon. I've only been to DC once in 7th grade :) I plan on taking my boys when they're older, it's a great way to teach history!

  4. First of all…I LOVED your comment about the crappy toilets!

    Secondly, I used to work in Mt Vernon, VA right up the street from THE Mt Vernon…and I never saw it. It is beautiful. I had never even seen photos before right now. And the place I worked was actually Washington's other house, River Farm Plantation.

    Looks like you all enjoyed your DC visit :)

  5. The view out to the Potomac is just stunning! I'm moved so much when I see that ceremony in Arlington.

  6. Great pics, thanks for sharing! I live hours away, yet never have gone, will have to make a point of it after seeing your post. Not to mention the nostalgia of it all-absolutely amazing!

  7. The photos of Mt. Vernon are beautiful. That was one place I did not get to see. Isn't the changing of the guards amazing? One trip is not enough, is it?

  8. i went here years ago with my dear friend kate (pre family of course!) whose family is from virginia. i was so in awe of everything - especially arlington, the tomb of the unknown with the changing of the guards, and the kennedys' eternal flame. i look forward to taking my children when they are older and can appreciate history... thank you for sharing your photos. it brought back some great memories. i think i took the same photos of myself in the same spots! ;)

  9. Looks like a great trip! Visiting back from the Friday hop. Thanks for stopping by.



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