Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mom and Daughters' Trip - Boston

So far on our Mom and Daughters' East Coast Adventure - We have visited Williamsburg, Jamestown, Washington DC, and New York City... I'm too lazy to create the links for each destination but if you missed the posts - you can scroll down - so much has been seen and enjoyed...

We hated to leave New York - We absolutely loved our stay there - I have a strong suspicion that NYC has not seen the last of us!!!!.. We left NYC via Penn Station (the most crazy train station on the planet - in my very limited experience) The train ride from NYC to Boston was beautiful - breathtaking - I loved the sightseeing so much that I did not bother to nap or read a book in our four (4) plus hours journey.... There was this sweet home right on a lake - no other homes around - I picture that scene in my mind today - my "calm" place.... so peaceful...

This is what we saw on our journey to Boston...

Our hotel was not too far from the Commons - I felt it was a safe area with many conveniences - restaurants within walking distance - close to the rental car place that we would be using later - across the street from 7-11 and Dunkin Donuts.. ha.. The first night we had a ghost tour reservation - Our tour guides were 17th century grave diggers - we loved it.. Our personal guide was Mortimer with his scary little teddy bear - We also got a kick out of the most witty ghost I have met thus far Lily Winters - I have liked her on Facebook and I enjoy hearing about what's going on in Boston - If you are ever in the Boston area and want something fun to do at night - I recommend taking this tour - Ghosts and Gravestones Tour - by Old Town Trolley - You'll be glad you did...

Lily Winters (photo taken from her FB page)

Creepy Grave digger - We had to escape from... fun times

Mortimer on the right side - enjoyed him!

Graveyard at night - John Hancock and Paul Revere reside here

The next day - We met up with my sister Tammy and niece Claire to explore the Freedom Trail - I have to tell you the heat and humidity was out of control - It just sucked out all your energy.. Standing in the heat just made me A LOT kinda crabby... We did not spend as much time as we could have out on the trail - It was just too hot - we missed the Swan boats - This just gives us a reason to come back!

John Hancock

Benjamin Franklin

Old North Church
Shopping at Faneuil Hall

The cousins playing in the graveyard..

Next post will be all about Salem, MA - and our paranormal tour and much more!!!!!

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  1. Is Cheers really still called Cheers? That tour sounds like SO much fun!

    I love NYC too! It's so much fun!



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