Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well Did I Save Money?

In January I challenged myself to save money and I have no doubt I did with a few exceptions....

I am a very big diet coke drinker.... I saved about $93.00 not buying my 2 liters a day...

We used to eat out several days a week - For the month of January we stayed home - I saved about $465 - I think this is a low estimate.

I stopped our cable movie channels - We never watched them anyway - Saved $45 per month.

Coupons and shopping at Target saved me on average $15-$20 a grocery shopping trip..

The unexpected expense was our dog Charlie - When I took her into the vet for her yearly shots - She had an ear infection and she was tested for a thyroid problem - They did find a urinary tract infection - so my bill out the door was over $400... The vet wants me to bring her in this month to biopsy a growth on her paw - She will have to go under and that bill would be in excess of $700 and that's with a discount...

My main dinner staple was spaghetti - the kids like it - so whenever the spouse was not home for dinner that was the main meal.. Crock pot whole chicken another favorite - This is great for dinner and lunch for a couple of days.. I tried out a few new recipes - A wonderful BBQ beef crock pot - most definitely will do again - The chicken and rice - FAIL.. - The tuna casserole - Could have been better.. The clam chowder - yummy.. Cream cheese chicken and broccoli was awesome and fed us another dinner and a couple of lunches...

I learned that feeding a family of 4 on $10 a day is not an easy thing to do - but it is doable. I was pretty strict this month - from now on - not as strict - cereal in the morning is not a must... We can change it up a little... And PB & J sandwiches although good could be exchanged for a turkey and cheese on occasion... And I have discovered that Pizza Hut $10 large pizza special is less expense then my own concoction... Making the pizza wasn't cheap - but I do have to say my version was pretty tasty...

All in all - I did save money - I think I will see the benefits in the long run - I will continue to be more thrifty and on occasion and only on occasion will we eat out or I will buy a 2 liter of diet coke... Maybe if it's on sale.....

I did plan to post every day during the month of January - but my business has really gotten busy and in my down time - I'm lying on my belly - chin on the couch arm watching American Idol....


  1. Tell me again the website for your dinner ideas. Good job.

  2. Good for you! It is amazing how FAST we can $$ on so little! We get the supreme pizza at Sam's...about $9 and it makes for 2 meals for each of us!

  3. I think you did great! And although you had added vet expenses, you had the money to cover it!

  4. Get cassarole. I love making homemade spinch & provalone pizza. Yuummm



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