Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Love Dare Day 27

Today I was to let go of unrealistic expectations. I have learned in this study and outside influences (when God wants you to learn comes from everywhere)that men and women are just plain different.. Example: I see that there is laundry that needs to be put away.. Dusty walks around it and doesn't notice it... Before I just thought he was being lazy..but you know what? He just doesn't see it. If I asked him to put the laundry problem he picks it up and away it goes..
God designed us so very differently. Women were created to be the caregivers. Our job, no our responsibility is to take care of our children and yes to take care of our husbands. Haven't you noticed that when our husbands get sick, they become complete babies? And they expect us to take care of them....But when we become's just one more thing we as woman need to take care of. Are our husbands becoming uncaring? I used to think so...but you know what..they just can't read our minds...they won't know how bad we feel unless we TELL them..They can't interpret our one million hints....they just don't get it..... Many times because Dusty just didn't get it...I assumed he did not mistake..
I had unrealistic expectations... I expected him to think like a woman....I set him up for failure and I did not know it... I lived most of my married life in constant disappointment... wondering why he did not care?
I want my married life to be a place where we can enjoy free expression and feel save if we fail.. There are so many times that I have put Dusty down and made him feel horrible because of the expectations I had created for him.. Today with my words and my actions, I am making a commitment to daily let go of unrealistic expectations and become Dusty's greatest encourager.
Tomorrow's dare is to meet a need of Dusty's. Until then.....

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