Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't Go Hurting My Kid....

There are not many things in this world that makes me more upset than seeing my daughter hurt by some snot nosed brats ( a mother and daughter team to be exact)! My Mama Bear is just flying out... Thankfully, my kid isn't here right now to see me. She is one of those people that has a human barometer on how people feel. She always knows when I am sad - even when I think I am being so good at hiding it.
Well here's the scoop. This week is Easter vacation for my kids. My twelve year old (the victim) was very excited about having her friend Rosalind spend the night. You see Nikki, my kid, is pretty shy when it comes to making friends so a sleep over for her is pretty much a big deal in her book. She cleaned her room, picked out some good movies, had me get the "right" snacks, and picked out the "perfect" outfit to wear. Well Monday it did not happen, Tuesday it did not happen, and today finally the mother calls me and wants her other daughter to come too. Her other daughter is ten years old. She is in my youngest kid's class and my kid cannot stand her. You know the kind of kid who is always yelling, jumping up and down, and can drive a sane person crazy in two minutes...I told the mom that Kara - my youngest kid, just had a friend over for two nights and is really tired and is planning to sleep tonight (very true - I will not tell a lie, even if I wanted too)well...the mom starts hemming and hawing and says she'll call back after she checks to see if Rosalind has other plans.. does that make sense to you???? First off, why would the mother be calling me if Rosalind wasn't free and secondly what twelve year old makes plans without their mom knowing it???
The mom does not call me I called and asked if Rosalind was coming over so I could order pizza for the kids....Oh the mom says, Rosalind is going to her dad's house tonight..I should have called you, she says... I know this to be a big fat lie... My last conversation with this particular mom - she said that the kids' dad never sees them... so all of a sudden the kid is going to her dad's.. I wish that was the case but I could almost guarantee that the mom just wanted her kids out of her hair tonight... As for the reason, I'm mad at the snot nosed kid...she never not once returned my kids phone calls. Rosalind has her own cell phone attached to her ear and texting fingers at all times so not having a phone is not an acceptable excuse. My kid has been hanging on a limb all week, not wanting to leave the house in case this girl calls.. I hate seeing my kid get hurt..okay, Lord , please give me a forgiving heart right now - okay, I am breathing in and out....


  1. This happened to my daughter once when she was about the same age and I felt the ssame as you. She is now 25 and I'm pretty sure she has forgotten but I still remember. I think this kind of thing is harder on the mom than the kid. It makes me mad for your daughter too and I hope she isn't to hurt by this.

  2. Oh, poor Nikki!! That's not fair. It sounds like her friend's mom isn't going to teach her daughter any good manners in this case!

  3. This is the way I see it. It wasn't too cool of the other mother to demand her other kid be invited to the sleep over.
    However, you should have invited both kids over when the mother asked. Kara welcomes her 10 year old classmate with a smile and invites her to eat snacks and watch a movie together. Kara learns to get along with people she might not be too crazy about, learns to be a good host, and is doing something nice for her sister,( guys call it being your wingman.) Kara discovers that her friend yells and jumps up and down because she comes from a broken home is insecure and needs attention. Both young kids go to bed after the movie. Maybe they become friends, maybe not.
    The older kids stay up late, have fun, etc.
    Both mothers exchange thank you and your welcome in the morning. No kids upset, nobody hates anyone, everyone's friends, no name calling (snot nosed brats etc.), no pissed off blogs.
    Just my 2 cents.

  4. Thank you for your insight, Darin..You are the peacemaker..and I love you for it...



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