Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Love Dare Days 30 and 31

Today's and yesterday's love dares talk about isolating an area that is causing division in my marriage and look for a fresh opportunity to pray about it and today, I was to commit myself to make my marriage a top priority over every other human relationship.
What's cool about this is that I have already done this in the last thirty one days. Every day, I have prioritized my marriage and God. I have worked on breaking down the barriers that prevented me from loving Dusty and putting him first. I think this dare is already done when you decide to love your spouse unconditionally...
Day 30 of 'The Love Dare' states that Love brings unity... Unity, Togetherness, Oneness. In the unique relationship of husband and wife, two distinct individuals are spiritually united into "one flesh" And what God has joined together, let no man separate...I have learned to love and honor Dusty...I believe this is an ongoing commitment that I will need to commit to and practice and pray for.

Day 31 talks about how marriage changes everything. We leave our parents' home and create a brand new one. That is why couple who don't take this "leaving" and "cleaving" message to heart will reap consequences down the line.. Leaving means breaking away from your natural ties (parents) and cleaving means to cling to your spouse (in this context) as your new rock of refuge and safety. What has always been good about our marriage is that we never allowed outside influences to dictate our marriage. By that I mean..his parents or my parents never created issues... Our decisions were our own..Dusty may have sought advise from his parents' wisdom..but we made our decisions based on us..His previous family traditions and my previous family traditions have been combined and made to work for everyone. We have created our "own" family traditions...
Tomorrow's love dare is to initiate sex...hmmm I think I might just skip the blog on this one...remember folks this is a family friendly site...


  1. I read the dares each day, I see an increasing amount of intense have MUCH courage to walk this path Kelly! I haven't purchased my copy yet, but INTEND to soon!

  2. We are going through a lot of stress---outside pressure especially in regards to helping in-laws (one with stroke, one with alzheimer's), in regards to the economy, and in regards to a son having a rough time in college. I find that stress makes it easy to become impatient or careless with our tongues!! My hubby and I keep having to say, I AM SORRY!!! So that has been our source of division---the stress causes us to be less careful and more tired and less watchful which in turn causes us to say grouchy things at times!!



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