Sunday, April 19, 2009

Patience With My Daughter...

Patience... an action that I am becoming more familiar with everyday... Patience with my preteen daughter who will turn 13 years old in a couple of months... She is twelve years old and thinks she has the right to talk back, wear masses amount of eyeliner, hang out with her friends when there are no adults present, and do what she wants when she wants too.... I as her Mother have become old fashioned, dumb, and someone who has no clue about the "real" world...
What amazes me the most is that she believes what everyone else tells her except for me! Today, I decided as a surprise to go by Taco Bell on the way home from church... Taco Bell has always been her favorite thus my decision to go there.. We get into line and all of sudden she tells me that she doesn't like Taco first reaction is huh....? Why I ask... "Well they freeze their meat and you have no idea how long it's been frozen" "That's your answer to why you don't like Taco Bell any longer?" I ask.. "Well, yeah.. Mr. Jackson said a friend of his used to work there and that's what he said so...." This is just an example..
She was really into the book series The Uglys... she begged and pleaded for me to buy them for her... all of a sudden she no longer likes the books... and I ask her why.. You know what her answer was....Oh my friend Taylor said she didn't like them.. but my question was do you like them??? Well, I did but Taylor doesn't so...
The same thing is happening with her choice of music, her clothes, and what she likes on television.... My daughter no longer believes I know anything.... and she follows whoever is the leader that week.... IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!
I know that this is all a part of growing up and becoming her own person... I know that we all went through our own personal growth during our teen years... Now I understand when my mom would say one day you were an angel and the next day you Satan... Ok, Mom... I understand now.
So, Lord please hold my hand through this time of my daughter's life and give me the strength not to go crazy...Give me the right words of wisdom to share and help me to be the mom I need to be...Help Nikki to make the right decisions and learn from her mistakes...I know she needs to make them and that I cannot protect her against everything..but please help me to be there when she falls and when she fails..and when she exceeds on her own....


  1. Heavenly Father
    I ask your peace and comfort to fill Kelly and her family as they adjust to an alien in their midst.
    It is not always going to be this way Father, as the alien has entered please fill this family with love,joy and peace in knowing it is very temporary ,that your truth and love wins every time .Lord let your words bring comfort and wisdom to this family during the growth spurts and abundant laughter to all in Jesus Name

  2. Don't worry Kelly...when Nikki is about 26 or 7, and has a husband and a few little ones of her will become very WISE in her eyes once more!!!!

  3. And one day just like you did and I did and so many other ex - teenagers do, she'll hear herself speaking her own mothers wise words!

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog. just wanted to say hi!

    I too have 2 daughters 13 and 15 and it is tough...but it will be worth it in the end!! we just have to teach them through love and PRAY EVERYDAY!! ;O)

  5. Hi Kelly,
    As my grandmother used to tell me, "This to shall pass." I am sure that you have instilled wonderful morals in your daughter. I can appreciate this as I have "gone down that road" already. Being a teen today is tough, i wouldn't want to do it again. I do believe she will one day come to you for you opinion again. :)

  6. Hi Kelly,

    As the parent of a 17 year old daughter and someone who is still waiting to come out the other side of this, I feel your pain. Things won't get any easier for the next few years. My daughter has many friends who aren't Christian, and we are doing everything we can do to help her resist the temptation to reject God and Christ like they do. Unfortunately, explaining to her the importance of choosing friends wisely and surrounding herself with Christian friends hasn't worked. As a result, she has already made some very poor choices, and we have been through a lot of heartache. I pray that the phase your daughter is going through now doesn't morph into something worse down the road. I was caught off guard, but it sounds like you are better prepared and wiser than my wife and I were.



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