Saturday, April 25, 2009

Okay.. Enough Already!!!

Today was my day of frustration! You see, my mom got a hairline fracture on her pelvis around the beginning of March. She has no idea how she got it except that she started a workout routine at Curves... After several weeks, the pain got too intense to continue to ignore it so my sister Debbie took her to Urgent Care on March 17th. There they did an x-ray and an ultrasound and found the fracture... So then she made an appointment to see a orthopedic doctor.. I took her to that one... On the first appointment - he looked at the x-rays and he did not see the fracture so he had my mom get a MRI and see him again in 2 weeks... Okay two weeks go by, my mom still in extreme pain and cannot work.. She is bored out of her mind staying at dad passed away last summer so there really isn't anyone to talk to during the day except for the dog, Pati Jo and she just licks her responses..
I take mom to her next orthopedic appointment and he finally sees the fracture that the Urgent Care doctor saw a month ago... grrrrrrr... So what does the doctor say? Well, you have fractured pelvis and looks like you have a torn muscle... continue to relax and you will start getting better...Well she's not and today she was in extreme much so I took her to the Emergency room..After another round of x-rays and waiting around 3 hours...the doctor finally sees her.. and you ask what happened??? "Oh, you have a fractured pelvis which looks like it's healing.." says the doctor.. "Well, I am in more pain that I was before, why do you think?" my mom asks.... You know what this doctor said????? "Well, it could be your age.." You have got to be kidding... oh and to top things off....he asked my mom how she thought she might have gotten injured.. she said she was working out at Curves.. and he told my mom don't stop doing that!!!!!! SHE HAS A FRACTURED PELVIS...YOU MORON!!!!! So, my poor mom was sent home with a copy of a new x-ray to show her orthopedic doctor...
I don't know what I was expecting.. a miracle?...maybe... Some definite answers? Absolutely... I know my mom.. she is not a whiner.. or a complainer.. or a wimp.. If she says she is hurting, you better bet your bottom dollar she is really hurting... So her frustration and my frustration continue.... we see the ortho doc Tuesday...Think he'll send her for another MRI?


  1. Hey - thanks for stopping by my blog! As for language barriers - the book "Please Understand Me II" has been a great book. It's all about personalities and stuff - it's really helped me to understand all my family members. Good luck!

  2. A fractured pelvis is very painful and there isn't really anything they can do - it just takes time to heal. It sounds like the torn muscle may account for the increased pain and maybe they will send her for an MRI. It should be starting to feel better - not worse. I'll be anxious to hear what happens.

  3. I have heard soooo many wonderful things about that book...I am gonna have to get it for my husband and I...

    Thank you for commenting on my blog...I really appreciate it...



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