Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bombs Are A Flying....Kaboom

I have to confess that I have a potty mouth.... I really don't mean too.... sometimes those F bombs hit and the S bombs usually follows the F bombs... Today, those bombs were just a flying... I have learned that the bombs most often hit from fear or anger or both.... Many times fear will turn into anger...
This is what happened..... My kids go to a very large school... We have a designated meeting place each day. The rule is to always meet up with me first to let me know if they need to do something and then I'll wait or come back at a determined time. Their school is a private commute school - so walking home is not an option.... My oldest gets out at 2:45 and the youngest gets out at 3:00. We always meet no later than 3:05-3:10... Today the clock struck 3:25 and my youngest (more responsible one) did not show up.... I went to her class and her teacher informed me she was released before 3:00.... I could actually feel my pulse starting to go crazy.... mostly because this is the kid that has gone through periods of fainting... and I'm picturing her lying somewhere in a bathroom stall having hit her head on the toilet... I know many of you reading this are thinking "get a grip" but you know what? It is what it is.....
After looking in the bathrooms and not finding her - I head back to our meeting place and see her coming towards me.... I asked her what she had been doing....(not in the most mature and quiet voice - I must confess) she said that she went looking for her friend's mom to see if her friend could come home with us.... 1 2 3... Her friend must have seen the look on my face because she got the heck out of there... I asked my daughter what the rule was... and she repeated it.. I told her I was really mad.... and her little sarcastic voice in a whisper I could hear says "Of course..." that just made my blood boil even more.....
So we are driving home and I realize my gas light is on so I pull over to the gas station to fill up... Then my oldest starts on me about something that I have said no to about a billion times..... and normally I would just say no but not this time... Oh no...not this time The F bomb and the S bomb just went KABOOM.... and you know what my oldest said? "Mom, please don't say those words to me." In a normal frame of mind - I would have been ashamed of myself.. but I was on a rampage.. I was out of control.... I was seeing red...
The car became very quiet.... My daughter than got brave enough to say the following: "Mom, remember when I told you that I no longer want to cuss? I have been really good about not saying bad words... I used to say the F word a lot because I hear the word from you..." Of course that made me mad.. and I told her it's not my fault that she said bad words... ( I knew as I was saying this I was wrong...) and she said this..."Mom, you yourself told me that we became what we hang out with... I live with you and I was becoming you...."
When did my child became the parent? She was so right...... When we came home and I had a chance to catch my breath and grow up..... I told her I was sorry...and I am being really nice.... sometimes us moms can be the child.....shame on me today... Lord, help me to glorify You tomorrow..


  1. LOLOLOL I couldn't help it, but I had to picture you walking towards your daughter and the whole scenario. Tooo funny! It's amazing to me how things are funnier when it happens to someone else. I love your reality blog (smile).

  2. Oh man did this hit home!! I rarely, rarely cuss & the F bomb - never!!!! BUT - you know what, I am still sometimes so degrading to my kids & so ashamed after. And just thinking why the heck do I not just grow up & control my stupid mouth!! Praise God he is a forgiving God and thank goodness my children have forgiving hearts. Sometimes I hope my children do as I say & not as I do!

  3. I do love to curse. I just cursed a little now when stupid IE wouldn't let me open this site. I do try and curb it around my kids, but I guess I don't see them as bad as other people do. It's just colorful language that helps express emotion. Words are only as bad as you want them to be.



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