Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bring Home The Bacon And Frying It Up In A Pan

As a mother, I am on duty twenty-four hours a day seven days a week... I am not allowed to get off my "paying" job and become a slug in front of the television for the next twelve hours.. I don't have someone asking me what I would like for dinner... But I do have the "Mom, my project is due tomorrow - can we run over to Michael's for some glitter?" "Mom, my computer won't turn on. Can you help me?" "Mom, my belly hurts..." "Honey, I'm hungry when is dinner ready?" In addition to the "mom and honey can you help mes" I have laundry to clean, groceries to buy, a house to try to keep clean, and kids and husband to make sure all is good with. Welcome to my life... Welcome to every mother out there's life...
As a kid I remember watching a commercial and this beautiful put together wife and mother is singing a song that she can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan and never let her husband forget he's the man... do you remember that commercial? I personally believe that commercial is one of the reasons us mothers are in this predicament.... We (I) expect so much from ourselves and if we don't do it ALL than we are a failure as a wife, a business woman, and a mom..... I think being a mom and wife is much tougher today then it was twenty years ago.. Expectations are much higher than it used to be..... I also believe that the higher expectations are one of the major reasons for divorce in today's society.....
So I am here to say... I cannot do it all the time and be perfect.... sometimes (often times) I need help.... and the funny thing is when I ask - I usually get it.. no questions asked... no complaints....
You know the saying "Men are waffles and women are spaghetti"? That means that men have all these boxes and they can think about one thing at a time.... If my husband is watching a ballgame on TV... he won't notice that I'm not cooking dinner but he will notice he is hungry... So if I asked my husband to put the casserole in the oven while I am busy doing something else..... no problem.... I just have to tell/ask him.. Women (spaghetti) can go in one thousand different directions and still be on top of each one of them....(in our mind not necessary in our body) so as women we may need help in accomplishing the one thousand things we have going on....That is why God created the husband and the kids...... Just ask!


  1. I remember that commercial too and I think you are so right! I can't do it all either, and I need to work on the asking part.

  2. Lol
    I remember this commercial.
    I was really mad at this commercial for a while .
    Than my family flew out of the nest .
    I also discovered I was still alive after
    one long crazy Mom roller coaster ride.
    Than friends said you need to volunteer (hey I had full time job) you'll be lonely they said .
    Well I never got the chance to be lonely just one burned out volunteer until I remembered what I use to say when I kept getting volunteered for too many Mom things. NO !
    Life suddenly became calmer and I could hear God's directions a lot clearer :) Duh !
    God loves us when we recieve as well as give.
    Thank you once again for a fantastic post.
    Blessings of joy to you.

  3. Love the waffles/spaghetti. Perfect. I've explained this to my husband many times. It's not their fault - they're men. :)

  4. Yes! I remember the commercial. You're preaching, sister!



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