Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Top Six Ways To Kill Piper....

Watching this video this morning really made me sick... This cartoon was made by a group of 11 and 12 year olds. The video is showing several ways to kill a young sixth grade classmate. Why are the parents not getting involved in their own child's life.. When the mother of the victim called one of the parents he said he was too busy to talk because he was making dinner....this parent (me)would have been knocking on that parents' door... I might have even considered getting the police involved... Am I overreacting? maybe... but maybe if Eric Harris and Dylan Klebod's parents overreacted - Columbine may have never happened.

Kids need boundaries... good healthy boundaries... If I think my kid is up to something you better bet, I would go through their rooms, their computer, their lockers, and whatever I might need... Privacy is a privileged... to be earned. I don't go through my kids' rooms because I do not believe there is anything wrong going on... there hasn't been anything that would raise a red flag. If a parent called me and said my daughter made a "How to kill someone video" you bet I would be exploring and my kid would be disciplined...and not just a slap on the hand... I'm thinking community service, a major Public apology... whatever it would take to snap my kid into shape.

It is so upsetting to me that parents and the school could be so blase about a video that could be preserved as a death threat.... What do you think?

Embedded video from CNN Video


  1. that makes me feel sick. I would definitely get the police involved if my daughter was involved in this. What is the world coming to!??!?!

  2. I cannot imagine this! It makes me sick and it's worse that these kids are thinking this way at their age. Very sad!

  3. Sickening...but it honestly doesn't surprise me.

  4. Get the police involved? You bet!!! Get the school board involed?? Absolutely. I'm just sick reading this :(



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