Monday, July 20, 2009

Frustrated By My Teenage Daughter

One of my biggest frustrations is when my newly turned teenager does things on her own without asking... and then either breaks, destroys, or messes something completely up... In her mind, she is a mature adult who feels that she does not need to seek a) permission and b) advise..... She is driving me INSANE.... I love my kid madly.... but right now she is driving me mad... insane... take me to a loony bin today.... I need a white padded room... Nothing gets through to her and in her hormonal drama... the attitude comes flying out..... and the "I know.. Okay.... I didn't know" is a major part of the excuses and dialogue of our everyday living together....

It amazes me that you can buy a manual for practically everything... connect A to B and C happens... but raising a teenage girl - forget about it.... I thought since I was a teenage girl at one time myself - I would get it.... But I SO DO NOT GET IT...... I don't even come close to getting it....

So I sit her at my desk in the mist of my frustration... and she walks in..... gives me hug and a kiss... and says she is sorry..... What's a mom to do..... except love love love.... and know that this time will pass..... at least I hope so!!!!


  1. Yes - it will get better! My daughters are now 26 and 23 and those days are just a memory. Just ask your Mom! :)

  2. Perhaps easier said than done and it's okay for you to remind me of this in a year or frustrating as it is for you, the teenage years are equally, if not more so, frustrating for them. I would think it is also somewhat frightening for them too because they are transitioning from childhood to adulthood. With the transition comes uncertainty, insecurity and at times fear. Keep supporting and encouraging as you have because even though they think/say they don't need it, they really do. :)

  3. Your daughter is beautiful. Which is always a good thing like I tell our two sons because if they weren't the human species would not survive!

  4. I once heard a quote from Dr. Dobson, it went something like this...raising a child that is between the ages of 12-24 is something like when the space shuttle hits that little section going through the ozone where they completely lose contact. :) But there's is regained eventually, lol. Keep strong Momma, I've got a 20yr old boy who I thought would turn my hair grey...hmmm, come to think of it... LOL

  5. Hang in there, girl! I call my mom on occasion and apologize. . .I figure I'll receive the same "payback" when mine have teens of their own. Oh, happy day!!! :)



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