Monday, August 31, 2009

Black Widows and Alligator Lizards.. oh my

Last night I had my youngest throw out the trash - it was around 9:00 pm. The temperature outside was still hot - at least 80 degrees or higher... anyway - after Kara threw out the trash - she told me that she saw four (4) Black Widow spiders on the way from our back door and to the trashcan and back.... Mind you our lot is only 6000 square feet and the distance to the trash is about 30 steps each way... So of course - I assumed she was exaggerating as I often do... So I asked her to tell me where they were...
The first one is right outside the backdoor - right there.. I looked and the spider was there - but it was not the midnight black - so I looked closer and closer and sure enough hello red hour glass - so I zapped it....

The second one and the third one and the fourth one were all over the pool equipment - 2 huge black shiny ones and another light one but they all had the hour glasses...

My husband Dusty decided to go on a Black Widow expedition and he found eight (8) more spiders - all with the hourglass right on the bellies..

So today - I am working in my office and I hear my dog playing - the kids were at tennis.. the husband was at work.. so I went to go investigate.... Charlie my dog was playing with a baby alligator lizard that decided to come into my house today - thankfully the lizard is fine.. Several years ago - at least 15 years - Dusty found an alligator lizard down the street - caught it and put into our backyard... about six (6) months later he found another alligator lizard at the golf course and put in our backyard.... a few years later - I ran across a huge nest of alligator lizards in our yard and the rest is history.... We have not seen one in a year or so... so Dusty was very happy that one decided to come for a visit....

This summer heat is bring out the ants, the spiders, the lizards, and the very noisy crickets.... I am ready for Winter.......


  1. I'm obviously too much of a wimp to live where you do! I couldn't handle those kinds of critters.

  2. It's funny - we live in So. California so I am not used to bugs... this is very unusual.. lol

  3. Kelly, Good to hear from you. Living on a farm you see all sorts of spiders and lizards. Glad no one was bitten. Be sure and check for egg sacs, they should be close where you found the spiders. Blessings,

  4. Widow egg sacs are so weird and big... thankfully we did not find any....yet

  5. OMG! Seeya...wouldn't wanna beya!

  6. Black widow spiders are pretty scary. My mom has a guy come out and spray every month, it's so bad, but still she gets them. She finds the sticky things you put down that they stick to are the only thing that kills them inside the house.

  7. Kelly,

    We have had an overabundance of those little critters ourselves up here in the High desert and I was beginning to think we were the only ones. Thankfully hubby went on a spraying mission and hopefully all the widows are themselves dead as well.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. WOW, that is a lot of black widows. I would have freaked. I hope you don't have any more of them. I think I might be afraid to go outside now

  9. I would have freaked out over the spiders. No thank you!

  10. Wow! Thanks for posting this because I just learned that Black Widows are not only black! Here I am weary of all black spiders, but I guess I need to be weary of them all! I've even told my kids to watch out for the black ones, well, guess I gotta go change that statement.

    They do know that there are other poisionous spiders besides the black ones, but thinking back on how I explained it, I emphazied that they should REALLY stay away from black ones!

    Thanks again!


  11. That would be soooooo scary to have black widows right outside your door! AHHHH. I pray they never get into your house!!!!!



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