Friday, August 28, 2009

Kidnap Victim Found After 18 Years..

In 1991 - Eleven year old Jaycee Dugard was on her way to school in South Lake Tahoe... While she was waiting at the bus stop convicted rapist Phillip Garrido kidnapped her. Eighteen years later, Jaycee Dugard walked into a Northern California police station after police spotted Garrido with two (2)young children - He was ordered to report to a parole officer - Garrido, his wife,Nancy, Jaycee, and the two young children came to the police station - where Jaycee's identity was discovered.. Jaycee later spoke with her mother, who had to be convinced it was not a hoax call...

For the past eighteen years, Jaycee Dugard has been living in Antioch, California - confined to a series of sheds and tents in the backyard of her captors home.... She has been held captive by Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy Garrido as their personal sex slave and various other awful things. Jaycee has given birth to two (2) children - fathered by Phillip Garrido..

In 2006, a neighbor reported a backyard encampment at the home of Garrido but the investigating officer dismissed it as a routine code violation. The officer did not bother to look up who the property belong too - if he had bothered he would have discovered that Garrido was a registered sex offender and might have found Jaycee in the secret encampment where she has been held for the past 18 years!!! If only he had bothered to look! The sheriff - Warren E Rupf, acknowledges they messed up....

The yard Jaycee lived in for 18 years

Phillip and Nancy Garrido have been arrested -

Jaycee has been reunited with her family after 18 years..... She is 29 years old today..

Elizabeth Smart's father was recently interviewed about this kidnapping and was greatly offended by the media... the media is trying to turn it into a case of Stockholm Syndrome that the victim gains feeling of love for their captor..... "The victim knows what these monsters are capable of - they were kidnapped.... they are just trying to survive."

This story breaks my heart - this is every parents' nightmare..... I pray that Jaycee will be able to find some normalcy.. to find happiness once again...


  1. Kelly,

    It is truly a miracle to not only for this daughter but her family as well. We know far too often how these situations often turn up and so glad that at least in part, this one had a happy ending.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. This is such a sad situation. Even though it had a happy ending, it will take years to undo the damage.

  3. I would agree with Ed Smart on this one. His comments sound more truthful than the other's.

  4. And what about Jaycee's children? This whole story just breaks my heart.

  5. Such a terrible situation. At least she finally is returned to her family. I hope she and her 2 children can get over the awful years they endured and find happiness.

  6. I read about it in the newspaper. It's so sad.
    I don't think anyone can ever get over such a traumatic experience.

  7. Unbelievable and very upsetting.

  8. You know most of these so called “police/ parole officers” always have a chip on their shoulders, and even when they fail to do their jobs they appear arrogant like saying “what are you going to do”, let’s face it, she saved herself, she was not saved by the authorities. Does anyone believe that the authorities were still investigating her disappearance? The car used in her kidnapping was in the backyard, the lazy ass cops didn’t even bother to go through the backyard when the information indicated that kids were living back there, they didn’t check local schools to see if the kids were going to school or even asked to see the kids, no report to child protective services, boy how lazy can you be and still pick up your public service check, not to mention the parole officers who failed to visit and find out where this freak was living and what he was doing, amazing, simply amazing.

  9. Paul - I am in complete agreement with you. It makes me very angry.

  10. Yes, I agree he should have served all the time for his first offense, but don’t let our authorities off the hook. It gets worse after you read more about the facts. I guess she was taken in 1991, and in 1993 (only two years later) after violating probation he spent for 4 months in federal prison (California have yet to release any details of that violation or explain why he was again released into the community). Nevada officials said they were never notified of Garrido's parole violation, which would have allowed the state to revoke his parole.

    Had California parole inspected his home in 1993, we would not be here now asking questions, we would be saying our system works, now I am not sure of anything. Because now I wonder how many more of these freaks are in our country doing the same thing under the noses of our so called authorities.

    I can only say if you have a neighbor that fits this profile, call and call again to try to ensure that this does not happen again. Simply amazing.



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