Monday, August 3, 2009

Men And Their Waffles...

In my Sunday school class we are studying the book Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti: Understanding and Delighting in Your Differences this is a great study to help understand the differences between how women think and how men think... After 20 years of marriage, I am beginning to realize that God just programed us differently and if we make the effort to better understand those difference then we are must better off... I'm much better off..

One of the main points this study/book illustrates is that men are pretty much like waffles in the way that they put things/thoughts into boxes... They usually can only do one thing at a time... focus on one thing at at a time and they can do that one thing very well...... Women on the other hand are very much like spaghetti... Spaghetti? You may ask.. Well yes - and every mother that reads this will agree.. women are experts at multi-tasking - that's just what we do.... that is just how God intended us to be.. We can cook, clean, work, and change a diaper all at the same time.... This by no means is saying women are better than men.. we are not.. We are just created differently to compliment each other with our different ways of doing things...

I try very hard not to get frustrated when my husband walks by his pile of clean clothes to put away.... He is not purposely avoiding the clothes... he just doesn't see them when the Dodgers are playing on the boob tube... He is in his waffle/box and enjoying the game.... but if I ask him nicely to put them away during commercial break... no problem..

So this morning, when I was reading my daily news on line, I just had to laugh at this video of a dad at a ball game. Holding a small kid, a huge soda, and still managing to catch a fly ball.... I'm thinking this guy has a little spaghetti in him.... What do you think?


  1. I agree. Women are great at multitasking.
    It was easier when I realized my husband would never think the same way as me!

  2. Wow - I'm impressed!
    Your study sounds so good. I know I need that reminder frequently - that Bob doesn't think like me!

  3. Oh my goodness ... I had visions of Michael Jackson dangling "blanket" over the railing. Do you remember that?

    This guy is a talent, definitely not my waffling husband. My husband would have dropped the kid for the love of the game!

    Thanks for visiting the blog. You're welcome anytime. By the way, love the title of yours!


  4. The man was totally hot!!! I was definitely turned on that he took the time to take his kid to the game. And...

    he could catch the ball with one hand. I could do him!!!

    Thank you for popping by my blog. Come back any time. I clicked for for us :-)

  5. Interesting! Actually, what's funny is that one of the things my husband is really good at is making waffles (from scratch)! He does it every Sunday after church. The part that drives me crazy is that he never cleans up and puts away the waffle iron. I will leave it out on the counter for days and he will walk by it like it is not even there! Ugh!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!



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