Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bachelorette Finds her Soul Mate... uh ok....

Last night I made it home in time to see the last hour of The Bachelorette... I cannot tell you - how grossed out I am..... This show makes a mockery of love and marriage.... okay I am aware that it's not a newsflash to most of you.... but come on gimme me a break!!! Today's headline is "Jillian Harris Finds Her Soul mate and gets a proposal!" Are they serious?

Here's a girl that had her "heart broken" less than a year ago by Jason - The "Womanizer" Bachelor and now she is madly in love and is ready to marry Ed, the technology consultant... This is the guy that took himself off the show because he did not want to lose his job...but came back a few weeks later... because he felt he made a mistake - I think the producers offered him a special little bonus... but hey that's just me...

I have a few questions:

How can Jillian be ready to marry Ed when only a few nights before the proposal she was said that she wanted to rip Kiptyn's clothes off - Kiptyn being the guy she DID NOT CHOOSE... Call me crazy but when you are in love and ready to marry someone you're not thinking of ripping another guy's clothes off....

When Reid - a guy she already rejected on the last episode comes back in between Kiptyn and Ed... yep at the Final Rose Ceremony (I'm thinking the producers are really reaching..) he tells Jillian he made a mistake by not confessing that he loves her and the whole time Jillian is hanging onto his neck and telling him that's what I wanted to hear.... I don't know what to do... So Jillian takes a break to decide... she comes back and tells Reid it's too late.. I love someone else and it's NOT YOU.... so why were you hanging on the guy, crying, and needing to "think" about it?

With Reid gone..... and Kiptyn gone..... and Ed just about to make his entrance... Jillian the girl that all these guys "love" says "Ed better not F***ing disappoint me" Can she be more trashy? Ed asks the question she wants to hear.. she screams.. jumps, hugs, kisses, and everything else you would expect from this girl.... not least in my definition.... The whole time this is going on - I'm wondering how is Ed going to feel when he sees what took place before he got down on bended knee... If I were him - I would run far far away...

I wonder whatever happened to the Sanctity of Marriage? Whatever happened to true love? Whatever happened to monogamy? If this show is an example of the today's belief system.. No wonder divorce is rampant...


  1. I guess it's her soul mate of the day. I've always wondered how these people could be so "in love."
    I was channel surfing one night and came across a show called "Daisy of Love." It was even stranger than this show. I don't know who she picked for her finale, but with names like "12 pack," "Big Rig," and "Slasher," my husband would have ruled all of them out as possible dates for our daughter.

  2. I didn't watch the season but caught the last hour and thought the same thing. If you really love the guy, how hard is it to decide?

  3. So then how long would you give it before there's an article telling folks this couple has split before they made it to the altar? Who knows? Maybe they've split now.

  4. Girlfriend, reality TV and realityTVcompetitions is what happened to the sanctity of marriage, relationships and intimacy. Isn't it CRAZY?!

  5. I've never watched this reality show and this great post reminds me of why I like the cooking and fashion reality shows.



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