Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mommy Ears

Yesterday there was a helicopter circling our neighborhood - in our usually quiet suburbia neighborhood... The helicopter must have been hovering for over thirty (30)minutes and Kara, my eleven year old seemed to be getting a little frightened... So I asked her if she wanted to jump in the car and investigate where the helicopter was focusing..

So we hopped into my car and drove to the supermarket parking lot where it seemed to be where the helicopter hovered the most. There was one police car talking to a man in white car... nothing else - so we decided to go through Burger King and grab a drink and head home.... We went into the back way into our neighborhood and on the street right behind us - we found the mother lode of police cars.... My kid's eyes became two huge saucers..... When we go home, I called my neighbor behind us to get the scoop.. Apparently, a man had broken out of jail about fifty (50) miles away and decided to visit our neighbor - also known as his mom - she lives in the tract behind us - a neighbor spotted him - called the police - and a chase ensued... That was all I got.

Kara was convinced this little blimp would make all the news stations and made her daddy watch all the news channels.. Which of course - nothing came on.. until 11:30 PM - there was a clip about a man escaping from jail - and that is all they caught on TV... I had no knowledge they were watching the news.

At around 12:30 AM - I headed for bed. Crazy day trying to get as much as possible done... I get into bed - snuggling deep down into my thousand count sheets ( I really love my sheets) and I was right on the verge of sleep... then my "mommy ears" heard a whimper.. I paused and held my breath so it would be easier to hear.. and then I heard another whimper... I quietly got out of bed - my eldest was busy grinding her teeth between her snores and my baby.. my eleven year old was softly crying... I asked her what was wrong... She said she had a dream that daddy found out that a bad man got out of jail and was in our house and she was scared.... It's been years since my little one needed comfort at night... I got to be honest - I loved having her come to bed with me... we snuggled - we feel asleep.... and this morning - I woke up with a foot in my ear.......!!!


  1. Sweet that your little girl still needed comforting. That was a pretty scary event, actually. I might have been scared, too!

  2. Yikes...poor baby...I'd have a bad dream too after that!
    But oh how wonderful that you were blessed with one of those "I need you mamma...don't worry I'm right here with you sweetie" moments!!!!

  3. Hi Kelly, hope you don't mind me leaving this note here...I don't seen an email link on any of your blogs. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I shopped in your A-store today for a few school supplies! I figured since I can't earn referral fees in my own store, I might as well shop at a friend's! I saw that you had one, so...voila!
    (Hope you'll keep us in mind when you shop online too!!!)
    Have a great day!

  4. When I worked in downtown Nashville there were always stories like that. You'd hear a helicopter searching, somebody would say a prisoner had escaped, then you'd never hear another word about it. I'd always think, "Should I be worried that some prisoner is running loose?" but I think they just circle the radius for a while, until they find the guy, so they probably go further than necessary just in case.

  5. "then my "mommy ears" heard a whimper.. I paused and held my breath so it would be easier to hear.." This is wonderfully written. I had forgotten that. This was a wonderful reminder. What a nice gift!!

  6. I would have been terrified too. "a foot in my ear". LOL.



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