Thursday, August 20, 2009

Say No To B.O And Speedos

A couple of weeks ago - the kids and I were at California Adventure. We were having a great time on a very hot and sticky Southern California day... The lines were not too bad - but boy was it hot... My daughters and I were in line to go on California Screamin roller coaster and Kara, my youngest wanted to ride with me. If you have never been on this ride - I have to say it's a must do for the roller coaster fans out there... it's fast - not too bumpy - great loop - and just plain fun.. Anyway, Kara is sitting next to me and I leaned over to help her with the harness and I got a whiff of the most horrid BO - it was truly offensive... I'm thinking to myself there is no way that smell is coming from my kid - she's only eleven (11).... When we got off the ride - I lowered my head for a sniff and sure enough - it was her!!!!! Oh My Gosh - how can that be????? I am not the most discreet person - I told her she stunk.. She was offended for sure - but I told her I refused to ride with her again until she washed her stinky armpits!!! I know, I'm a mean and horrible mom..
We went to the bathroom and my kid is too embarrassed to have mom washing her pits.. So I get a couple of paper towels and tell her to go at it.. The dirty looks coming my way... I tell ya.. She is refusing to wash - so I again tell her she was stinky girl and there was no way.. I'm getting near her... seriously - it was that bad... We ended up going into a stall and I washed the stinky smelling pits - and she was fresh.. or at least not so ripe.... So I found it funny when I read an article today about an amusement park in the UK that introduced a new rule called, " Say no to B.O." no kidding..
Thorpe Park in the UK has seriously placed this rule.. Any time the temperature reaches 77F and above - the guests must keep their arms down on the rides at all times... I had to laugh out loud - but the most hilarious rule an UK amusement park had - was at Alton Towers - they banned Speedos from the the premises.. why? To protect the children of course........ So of course in my minds eye - I'm picturing a stinky guy in a speedo.... nothing could be worse!!!!


  1. I haven't been back to Disneyland since they built the Calf. Adventure and don't like roller coasters anyway (I get sick).

    Still, it's funny that the have that rule in the UK, but it's probably not a bad idea, lol! Oh, and love the name of your blog!

  2. I don't remember at what age I started wearing deodorant...I think underarm b.o. starts around the time we have our first period, right? Maybe not... I didn't think about it, by why DON'T kids get b.o. by not using deodorant?

  3. OMG too funny. Another reason to hate rollercoasters. Guess it's time for the hygiene discussion.

  4. Girls just mature so much faster! and that's not a good thing. My 13yo got deoderant last year, but it just seemed time; we weren't holding our noses yet;)

  5. LOL, I never had to wear deodorant 'cos I don't sweat!! I can't explain why but I really, really don't sweat!!

  6. I noticed the boys starting to stink it up at 11 y/o too.
    That is so funny re.the UK rule, they certainly don't bathe as frequently in Europe, that's for sure.

  7. Say no to B O. We need to hang this one for the kids where I teach. Nice!!

  8. I heard Brad Pitt in an interview say he uses Baby wipes to keep fresh. I've not tried it but I wonder if it works.



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