Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday After School Special

How does my kid not see this mess - I could not concentrate on my homework if this was on the floor..... at least at the age of 43 - at 13... I think my mom would vouch that I'd give this kid a run for her money when I was her age.... I have definitely become my mother!

My youngest came home not feeling well today - the nurse said she had a slight fever of 99.8.. Hmmmm, I wonder if she read it right - this is my youngest... How do you think she is feeling???

She did feel up to reading her book for her book report due this Friday....

You just got to love Mondays.....


  1. Cute post, my 15 yo room looks worse. She will say it looks ok... lazy is what it is.

    Hope you daughter feels better lol.

    Thanks for visiting.

  2. You'd feel better about that mess if I showed you my son's room. It's absolute chaos.

    Your youngest is hilarious! I can't believe they sent her home for that tiny little fever.

  3. Kelly,

    Based on the pictures she looked just fine. It makes me wonder just when did they take her temp after recess or PE?

    Glad she is doing fine after all.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. My room was a DISASTER as a kid. We used to joke that my bed was actually my closet b/c I had so many clothes on it all the time. I slept with mounds of clothes on my bed!
    I've heard that the book she is reading is a good one. I've never read it, though!

  5. You should see my 12 year old son's disaster of a room. I just walk by some days :) Your daughter looks like Wonder Woman in some of those pictures. Really great photos!

  6. I love your blog; it always makes me feel normal (smile). Have a great week!

  7. Great post! Fast story.....I had my 17 year old neice living with me for a month. I went into her room to put her laundry on the bed. Opened the door and nearly fainted. A mess beyond all messes. And under the bed? Devestation!

    I promptly called my mom and apologized for my years of being a teen slob!



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