Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Kid Caught The Swine....

I have never once in my entire life had the flu or if I did I don't remember. I have had a few colds - this year I've had three (3) which is highly unusual.. My kids are almost never sick - my oldest would have had a perfect attendance record if we had not taken her out of school a couple of times for vacations and/or Disneyland....

On Thursday my youngest developed a pretty nasty cough - I kept her home because of the cough and she sounded congested..... No fever... she had a great mood and attitude... On Thursday night my oldest started coughing and not feeling well. On Friday morning - I had both girls stay home from school - my youngest probably could have gone to school but I felt it best to be safe rather than sorry later... The cough seemed to be worse for my oldest (she's 13) so I just kept an eye on her - she did not feel warm to the touch.....

Last night around midnight as I was going to bed - I checked on the girls. The youngest was sleeping peaceful and her forehead
was nice and cool when I kissed it. The oldest was tossing and turning - I kissed her forehead and she was very warm. I gave her an Advil and checked on her throughout the night (I'm tired).... This morning - she was downstairs shivering - we're in Southern California and today is very warm... I touched her forehead and she was burning up. I searched high and low for a thermometer and could not find one. I went to a neighbors and thankfully they had one.... I had to confirm my suspensions that I wasn't just a paranoid mom but that my kid actually had a fever - the husband an hour before said she felt cool... Well her temperature read on one of the those ear thingies 101.8. Took her to Urgent Care...

The doctor's office was a madhouse - and here is my poor kid burning up, shivering, and trying her best not to cry - I wanted to cry for her... While we waited - there was a toddler running around the waiting room - jumping on chairs - screaming - eating Cheerios and spilling them on the floor - He proceeded to grab his stroller and started running it into people... The mom of this spoiled brat just watched her son and laughed... Here we are in a doctor's office on a Saturday morning - everyone is feeling like crap - and here's this "head up her butt mom" thinking that we all want to watch her kid terrorize everyone and all I really wanted to do was kick her for being so clueless... I always wondered how some parents just don't get it -Just in case one of those moms or dads so happen to read this post - I have something to say....People do not think your kid is as cute as you do - really we don't... So please please please control your kid if they are running around in a waiting room when there are sick people around.. thank you.

Finally it was our turn to go back - her temperature reading hit over 103 degrees.... After waiting in the treatment room for about 30 minutes - the doctor walked in - after describing her symptoms - the doctor concluded she had Swine Flu - the nose swab confirmed it... Got the prescription for the meds - dropped my poor baby off at home - went to the pharmacy to pick up the drugs and with our insurance discount the total came up to $98.99 for 10 pills!!! Crazy..

So today - my kid has the Swine Flu..... Never thought it would happen.. Stocked up on Gatorade, tissue, and comfort food. I bought my own thermometer... Poor thing she looks so pitiful... Have you been hit by the Swine?


  1. Poor girl! My sister had all 3 of her kids with it, then she got it too! The first one was confirmed, after that they just assume same symptoms, same house, same sickness.
    My daughter spent the day with my sister the same day she came down with it, so I'm hoping she avoids it!

  2. I missed 2 weeks of work so far because of it... my oldest daughter cried when they told her it was swine flu.. She cried and said "I got Pigflu" LOL had to laugh.. so far just me and Sarah have had it..

  3. WE have something going on at our house. My daughter is on day 4 of a low-grade fever. My son's is running up to 102.5 without meds. They both have the sniffles and cough. Not sure what it is...

  4. I work in the office of a k-9 school and have seen it run rampant through the student body. It is miserable!

    Good luck!

  5. I hope your daughters are feeling better and that no one else in your household comes down with it.

  6. Oh no. I'm sorry to hear. I hope they feel better soon. If it had been me, I would have said something to that mom in the waiting room, but that's just me. So far, so good here. No swine flu.....yet.

  7. Your poor daughter! I hope she is feeling better soon. So far we haven't gotten this in our family.

  8. I am so sorry. I know tamiflu cost us an arm and a leg too. This stupid flu lasted with me for 2 and 1/2 weeks, it sucked. I pray that your daughter is feeling better and that no one else is getting worse. Take care of yourselves

  9. Oh that is terrible :o(

    Unlike you, my daughter and I have had the flu many times and once, we had it at the same time. Oh that was terrible!

    BTW I answered your question on my blog tonight...

    Hope you enjoy! ♥

  10. I'm so sorry. I hope she feels better. It seems to be everywhere you look lately.

  11. Hi Kelly,

    Thank you for visiting our site and for your warm comments.

    We are now following you.

    God bless you!

    Mark Seay

  12. So very sorry that your daughter has the Swine Flu. The schools seem to be hit the hardest. I hope she gets that temperature down. Comfort food sure will help her.

    Want you to know I put your sister's surgery date on my prayer list and I'm praying for her. I haven't forgotter you or her and neither has God. May He bless you at this trying time.

  13. Bless her heart, and yours! I pray she is feeling much better.

  14. I'm so sorry about you kids. We had it last year. Not fun. And I would have said something to the mother of the brat. What is wrong with people???



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