Thursday, October 29, 2009

The "Lady" Who Freaked At Target

As parents we often tell our children to be nice. Play nicely with your neighbor - share your toys... Don't say bad words... Show respect to your elders... Say thank you and please... Don't double dip...

The other day I was doing my weekly grocery shopping at Target with my girls.. I was in line to pay for my groceries and this lady (I say this very loosely) in front of me had two (2) beautiful young children with her..... She was yelling at the cashier because an item that she saw on Target's web site was not in the store.. I am very serious.. The cashier offered to track the item and discovered the item can only be bought through the Target web site...

The F bombs - the S bombs - the every bad word you can imagine bombs just started exploding out of this mother of two beautiful kids.... In addition to yelling - the "lady" started throwing her coins at the cashier.... What I found really sad is that her kids seem oblivious to this over the top lunatic rant.... My kids stood there with their mouths just about hitting the floor...

The "lady" was causing such a stir... all 12 lines that were open stopped to watch... All the customers and fellow cashiers just stood there as this poor cashier is getting pelted with quarters.. No security coming to her rescue - no managers walking our way.... So I'm thinking something has to be done.... (I'm lucky I didn't get pelted or belted).. As the lady was taking more change to throw - I grabbed her elbow.... I said, "Throw another quarter and I will personally see you arrested".... my eyes were angry... my voice was deep and shaky.. The "lady" looked at me - angry at first..... then reality must have hit her - her eyes did a 180.... As I saw the transformation in her appear - I said, " I feel sorry for your beautiful children to have a mother that can't even control herself... shame on you"... Right about this time - security came.. The woman was escorted from the store....

It amazes me how grown adults can act like this.... Throwing temper tantrums in a public forum because they can't get what they want.... I feel so very sorry for those children.... Growing up with an abusive parent. We as parents set the example for behavior...... What example was this "lady" setting for her children???

Have you ever seen something like this?


  1. OH MY! So sad. Thank GOD you had the courage to politely stand firm against the enemy face to face.

    Blessings, andrea

    PS: Sitka has an award for you All Gods Creatures. It is the second post down.

  2. My husband referees soccer and unfortunately has stories of grown ups behaving badly every weekend.
    You are My Hero!! Thank goodness for you, Kelly. What a shame for those children.

  3. Unbelievable. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like that! I'm amazed that you had the nerve to say anything at all - good for you! I think I would have been scared to get the crap beat out of me!

    I once saw a woman with two small kids yelling at an older woman, who was walking away, in the grocery store. I couldn't make out most of what she was yelling about (although I tried!) but I heard something about "racist", so I figured the old lady probably deserved it.

  4. God bless you for intervening. Your bravery probably, well hopefully, opened her eyes and she may have learned a lesson. These days there aren't many who will get involved.

    On behalf of that cashier, thank you.

  5. Kelly,

    Kudos for you for standing up and doing something while so many did nothing. Perhaps this lady will learn something in the process.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. I've never seen anything quite that bad. I think it's fantastic that you stepped in!

  7. I have seen a woman come unglued like this too, and it was also at Target. This woman was also upset because they were out of something that was in the flyer. This was in the service area and the cashier offered to have it sent from another store. The woman started swearing and saying she had already driven here once. She didn't throw anything, but her mouth was certainly moving. My adult daughter, who was 22 at the time stepped up and told this woman that the cashier was doing all she could, it wasn't her fault that they had run out and that she should treat her with a little dignity and not subject the rest of us to her language. The woman then told Laura to mind her own business, but she left. I was proud of her for speaking up, but ashamed that I stayed quiet.

  8. The sad thing is, those kids will probably grow up to be just like her. Shame on her.

  9. That is horrible. I don't understand why adults act like this either. I used to be the manager of a clothing store. I had so many mothers act like this and their children would be so embarrassed. It was sad. I had a grown man yell at one of my employees until I came over and instructed him to be stop or he would be removed from the store. Some people!

  10. Never mind the woman, was the cashier okay after that?

  11. We used to witness a Sunday daily event at Walmart. I even saw two elderly people fighting each other. And one was using his walker!

  12. Thanks for all your comments - I love reading them! The cashier was not harmed but a little shaken up. The manager sent her to Starbucks for a drink and pastry (we have Starbucks in our Targets) crazy...
    Love to you



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