Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Patagonia - Real Clothes For Real Weather

The cold weather has finally hit Southern California this week. When I woke up this morning the thermostat read 62 degrees inside and 42 degrees outside... brrr. It rained on all day on Monday. On Tuesday, I could see the mountains covered in snow..... You know what that means? It's time to go to the mountains and play.... It is suppose rain and snow some more the next couple of days...

My kids have developed a fondness for snowboarding and living in So. Cal. it's very difficult to find "real" cold weather clothes. One of my favorite places to go looking for weather resistant clothing, shoes, and accessories is Patagonia
. It's easy to find just about everything you need for men, women, girls, and boys. Patagonia was founded on the basic premise of enjoying the outdoors regardless of the weather. The design of the clothing is to keep you warm and comfortable in any kind of weather... I do know that when my kids are snowboarding - they are not uncomfortable because of the cold....

Another thing I truly appreciate is the selection and reviews on their products. When you click on an individual product - not only do you get a very detailed description - you get to read customer reviews on the product.... the great... the good.. the not so good... and the bad...

If you are looking for environmental friendly products - Patagonia uses organic cotton and recycled polyester in their products... In addition - Patagonia sends 1% of their sales to hundreds of grassroots environmental groups.... Check them out - I'm sure you'll be happy you did....


  1. Other than sledding and an occasional jaunt around the ice on skates, I don't do cold weather stuff. I envy people who can ski and snowboard.

  2. Kelly,

    We got a slight dusting of snow on Monday and still have some on the ground in the shady spots. You are right though the mountains are covered, not sure what will happen to most of it when the next storm comes on Friday.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Didn't realize you got snow in CA even in the mountains! I'm terrible at geography though. Glad the kids got to play.



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