Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Love Vampires

Okay - I am going to make a confession.... I love Vampires... I know crazy, isn't it? Here I am a 44 year old mother of two - a member of the leadership team at my very conservative Southern Baptist church... and here I stand confessing that I love Vampires... I don't care for the ugly vampires of old.... Only the good looking ones... or sexy ones in a sick sort of way.... Picture Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire - or Keifer Sutherland in The Lost Boys Or the really evil vampire in John Carpenter's Vampires

My first taste of my obsession was when I was young and George Hamilton played a vampire in Love at First Bite .... When he started dancing with Susan Saint James - to I love the night life - I love to boogie..... Are you getting any flashbacks with that? I'm telling you - I'm a nut.... I also love to read romantic suspense novels with vampires in them. My favorite books in this genre are from author Shannon Drake - they are both entertaining, romantic, and suspenseful. The first book in the series is Beneath A Blood Red Moon (Zebra romantic suspense) and the ones that follow are: When Darkness Falls, Deep Midnight, and a few more - you gotta check them out.. seriously... I won't tell anyone...

What my husband really finds amusing in my love for Buffy The Vampire Slayer - I own the entire series.... My teen is also a major fan - I know.... I'm a bad mom... but there's censorship and then there's CENSORSHIP... I think you know what I mean.. I also like supernatural - Kay Hooper and all the books that have the psychic FBI team created by super psychic FBI agent Noah Bishop.... I'm warning you if you start reading you WILL be hooked. Stealing Shadows (Shadows Trilogy), Hiding in the Shadows (Shadows Trilogy) and Out of the Shadows (Shadows Trilogy). This is the first 3 book series but she has a few series after this that include some of the same characters and new ones too...

What's Your Secret (not-so secret) obsession?

Love at First Bite - I Love The Night Life


  1. i'll confess with you...i'm 35 and love vampires too! great choice on movies...
    my hubby and i have even sunk as low as to watch the new series 'vampire diaries' how sad! ha ha!

  2. I'm skeerd of Vampires.

    But, I must have watched "Once Bitten" (remember Jim Carrey??) two dozen times. Loved it!

  3. My confession is I am totally insanely obsessed with Disney. I love all things Disney and if I could I would go work at Walt Disney World. The feeling I get is amazing, oh how I crave it. Ok I am weird

  4. Casey - I love Disney too! We have season passes to Disneyland and we go a couple of times a month - my niece is in the Pixar Parade and we have a lot of fun..

    Joan - Jim Carrey - I so remember that movie - when he came out of the coffin smoking a cigarette after losing his you know what... very funny..

    Laura - My daughter and I love Vampire Diaries - every Thursday night - is daughter/mom date night!

  5. I like vampires too. The Lost Boys was what did it for me! And I have a male friend who has been trying to get me into Buffy, so I'll have to give it a try. Nothing wrong with a little vampire love!

  6. Mermaids!! I'm obsessed with them!

  7. Terribly afraid of vampires. But I am not afraid to admit that I'm a huge fan of Celtic Thunder!

  8. You knew I'd have a comment didn't you? As "confessed" as you are, you neglected to mention that your real love for vampires most likely started when you first laid eyes on Count Dracula of Sesame Street. Nothing like getting to the root, huh?

  9. I am into vampires too. I'm trying to convince my family that our cat is a vampire. So far, no luck. lol

  10. Can't say I am with you on this one! You should go to Aloha Friday on Tammy's Two can find her button on my blog... is is about vampire books... ;) (I am guessing this is not one way you are like your mother - lol!) ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  11. I like the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I know it is set in high school, but fun to read. still have to read the last one, Breaking Dawn.

    I remember that movie "Love at First Bite" also. there is some sort of dirty pleasure and suspense and excitement in being wooed by a vampire.

  12. Vampires? Never even considered them. Not into scarey.

    Thanks for your always sweet comments.

  13. wow a secret obsession, i don't think i have one. i think i'm the only one in the world who is not hooked on vampires. sad to be me huh? enjoy yours though. have a good one!

  14. I'm the other extreme. I'm so scared of vampires. I can't get into any of the Twilight excitement.

  15. Hey Kelly,
    Stopping by the return the favor comment. I love your blog too! Now we can be blogging buddies! I love all things supernatural and Brad Pitt with long hair pre-Angelina is my favorite Brad Pitt. I took my children when they were young to New Orleans just to see where Anne Rice I can relate! Great post and consider me a follower!




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