Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dad and Daughters Day At Disneyland

Today my husband took the kids to Disneyland sans mom (me). As you know, we have season passes (the girls and I) and we go all the time.... Lately, I have been having some "girly" medical problems that makes it difficult to leave the home for longer than a few hours - right now - let's make it an hour..... Oh how I long to be with my family....... My husband does not have a pass - when the girls and I took my niece a few weeks ago - I bought the California 2 days - 2 park hopper... So we could have a family fun-filled day with the husband.....

So Hub wanted to surprise the girls - he is the kind of guy that wants to start things first thing in the morning - be at the gate when it opens and run to all the "big" rides... So at 7:15 AM - I hear whining coming from the teen's room - "I don't want to get up.... I'm tired... I don't want to go anywhere.. Disneyland? ... I don't wanna go.... I'm sleepy" My husband is now feeling kinda hurt... Now he's not giving her a choice - "get up..." He had prepared their favorite cinnamon rolls to surprise them too... Neither one of the kids was gracious....

The youngest comes to me complaining that she wanted her friend Emily to come over and play - they had "made plans" - now the youngest who I thought would be all fired up to go with Daddy is coming to me complaining... Saying things like Daddy is going to want to run to all the rides... he's going to make us share a snack (so do I).. I don't want to go.. and the crocodile tears start to flow - I know they're fake for the fact that she squeezes her eyes really tight in hopes of trying to get a tear or two...

I received a text a little while ago - before 10:30 AM - they have been on Space Mountain, Matterhorn, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of Caribbean, and Thunder Mountain - and they were heading over to California Adventure.... the kids are having a good time.... I think.. At the pace they are going - they'll be home a little after lunch!

I think because the girls and I do many things together and I am always there - they have a tendency to not want to be with their dad as much... It's sad really and I don't know how to get them fired up... how to get the hub to lighten up and slow down.... I cannot fix it - it's up to them to work it out.... I know there has to be some give and take...... some sacrifices at times... My husband has to understand that the girls are only with us for such a short time - we need to slow down... soak it in... enjoy every moment and not treat everything like it's a race... My girls need to know that their dad loves them more than anything on this Earth.... He wants only the best for them.... He wants to spend time with them.

So I am hoping... praying that today ends as a successful daughters/dad day... and good memories were made...


  1. THey wouldn't be normal teenagers if they didn't complain some. Here's hopeing that they had a wonderful day with their day!

  2. Oh, how I could have written this post myself.

    Here's to hoping they had a great day together!

  3. They will look back and be thankful that they had a Dad who wanted to spend time with them. Maybe it would work better if they knew about the plan? My oldest never liked to have things thrown at her. She always had things planned out and surprises weren't always good! Just a thought...

  4. My kids complain about having to go with us places all the time. I am sure one day they will look back and have fond memories of these days.
    Hope they had a great time!

  5. Complain? Did somebody complain? Oh...I thought I was at my house. LOL! How funny! Once again, you made me realize I'm not alone.

    I KNOW they had a fun time and you too, having a little break.

  6. It is the age. Pre-teen and teen years are the worst! You won't really like them again until they are past this. You will have wonderful moments and even days....... but just remember that they do grow through it. I really love to be with my kids now and I love being a Gramma!

  7. RYC: No, I didn't put anything in the bottle. LOL! As for your post today, it's shocking how they transition from emotion to the next, huh? :) I hope you're feeling better though.

  8. They might complain now, but they'll NEVER forget those special moments...kudos to you guys for gifting them with those moments!

  9. I'm really hoping that the kids had a great time! In spite of themselves, I'll bet they did!

  10. Teenagers always complain, even when they really want to do something. Father-daughter time is really important, so it's good they're doing this on their own. Even if they think they didn't have a great time, it'll be a bonding experience and a wonderful memory.
    My daughter complained, too, but she now fondly remembers each of her one-on -one outings with Dad.

  11. The girls and dad had a great day - made some great memories... Thanks to all of you for your nice comments - love to you.. Kelly

    PS - I agree all teens complain..... geesh

  12. I'm glad they had a good day together! I know The Husband takes our girls out a bunch, and I'm hoping that they just get used to it! My *one* thing I'm praying for is that he'll learn on his own is how EMOTIONAL girls can be, and that's just how they're/we're made!! He gets so confused when they get like that NOW, I can't imagine what it's going to be like when they're teens!! (Which is one reason I read you!) :-D

  13. What beautiful girls you have! I have to laugh because my kids would love to go to Disneyland, lol! But of course, though only get to go every few years, so it's a treat for them because it's so rare.

    When our oldest was about 14, my hubby noticed that he talked with me alot more than him, and told me about his day, etc. Because I was always "there," you know.

    So, my son wanted to be involved in a play but it was a "family" theater and so a parent needed to be involved too.

    My husband got involved, just to spend more time with our son. After all those drives out and back to the theater they did lots of talking and they're still at it, lol!

    Before this theater thing came up, I just told hubby to take him out for breakfast, or a coke, or just invite him to go to the store or something with him.

    I am sure that our children really do appreciate the time we spend with them, even if they don't always act like it, lol!



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